Moonshine Saloon

Love the Wild West?
Love cowboys & cowgirls?
Love cocktails?
Love immersive experience?
Then you’ll love this Wild West cocktail themed bar.

Moonshine Saloon is an immersive Wild West experience where there will be cowboys and cowgirls on a mission to take down the bad and cocktails been flared by mixologists.

Take along your own bottle to have your finest liquor turned into a cocktail but be careful that the sherif dont catch you smuggling in your alcohol.

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Thanks to Moonshine for allowing me, friends and some other members from LPUL Club to come on down and experience a night like no other with cocktails flaring and shots being fired.

“Don on your hat, hand over your spirit, get served up some personalised cocktails from your drink which you and your outlaws smuggle in, meet a variety of cowboys & cowgirls, even the sherif, play games, gamble, and if your lucky enough you might even get taken to a secret lair and sample some tasty moonshine.”
March 2023

@lovepopupslondon blog post and Instagram post & reel

“Try smuggle spirits into the bar without getting caught by the sherif. WHY? you’ll have to find out yourself.”
March 2023

@dieponfood Instagram reel

“Great idea for a night out with the girls or even a lovely date night! Just don’t mention the Moonshine.”
March 2023

@beautyandthebeast Instagram reel

“Just don’t let the sheriff catch you.”
March 2023

@yourlondonguide Instagram reel

“Become an Outlaw at the Moonshine Saloon.”
March 2023

@wanderlustlynsey Instagram reel

“Welcome to Coldwater, deep in the Wild Wild West, sheriff McNelly is looking for some help to tackling issues with bootleggers I mean I promise there is nothing hiding in my hat or poncho!”
March 2023

@jojoexplora Instagram post

“BYOB to this immersive moonshine experience. The staff will use the spirit you brought to make some seriously strong cocktails.”
March 2023

@maphermiles Instagram reel

“If you like card and dice games and dressing up, look no further.”
March 2023

@wince.eats Instagram reel

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