Other bloggers posts

You will be able to find all write up’s via both blogger’s and reviewer’s that they have had the opportunity of going along to either a promotional or press assignment via ‘Love Pop Ups – London’ and contributor’s.

I will always make sure that whoever I send onto any new opportunity that they always blog / review on here, plus on their blog site (if they have one), over many other various social sites and post photos on Instagram.

Thank you to all contributor’s so far that have generously given to ‘Love Pop Ups – London’.

Plus thank you to all the blogger’s and reviewer’s that post on here plus over other social sites afterwards in relation to any promotional or press related event given by the promoter and ‘Love Pop Ups – London’.

ABQ, Aftermath, Agent NovemberAlice Adventures UndergroundBackyard CinemaBallie BallersonBaillie Ballerson Shoreditch, Bar + Block Steakhouse, Bite Me Burger, Bompas & Parr: 10 Anniversary Party, Canape Box, Clue TraceclueQuest, Co Lab Theatre, Cottons Rhum Shack, Death of the KingEscape Land, Escape Mobile, Flip Out, Foodie Festival, Gin Chronicles, Gingerline: Chamber of FlavoursHandmade MysteriesHard Rock CaféHint Hunt, Ideal Home ShowJacobs Crackers pop upJurassic KingdomLolpopsMagical Lantern, MensaMind the GameMiss NightingaleMission Breakout, Omni CollectiveOther World SouthamptonOther Worlds LondonParabolic Theatre, Pierre MarcoliniPitch BlackPop Up Opera, Rivoli, Rooftop Film Club, Simmons, Star Wars Exhibition, Taste of LondonTime Run, WeFiFo, Whitechapel, Zip World






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