Nautical adventures along the Thames

Do you love London?
Do you love boats?
Do you love water?
Do you love canals?
Do you love sailing?
Then you’ll love reading about these Nautical adventures along the Thames

If you love to sail and see yourself as a bit of a sailor but don’t want to travel out of London then look no further as London has many fun nautical opportunities that can be done throughout the year.

Here are some of the nautical experiences that are in London which ‘Love Pop Ups London’ community has experienced and reviewed.

Go Boat

Do you love boats, canals and picnics then look no further.

On a GoBoat (holds 8 people) you can sail down from Paddington canals through Little Venice to Camden and back whilst enjoying a picnic on-board (if you choose) as the GoBoat has a large picnic table in the middle. All the boats are powered by electric engines.

GoBoat has been designed to provide a sense of freedom, wellbeing and togetherness.

Here are some quotes from some of the community members whom had the opportunity to experience GoBoat back in summer.

“As the colder season approaches and you want to fill the last of your “warmer weather” days with something quirky and fun to do that involves team building and learning a new skill, then head over to one of London’s newest attractions, Go Boat.”

Quote by Tracey

“We sailed along the Regent’s Canal – so definitely no Locnhess type monster. If you have hired for a couple of hours, and have our boating skills, you’d be able to sail smoothly towards London Zoo and back to the GoBoat base in Merchant Square. Also, don’t worry about not having nautical skills because it’s only one way. You’ll have to remember a few general rules like keeping to the right and how to steer but it’s pretty easy. And all these are briefed by the GoBoat team before you set sail”.

Quote by Vi Vian from her blog

“Go Boat is a great summer activity! I started enjoying the boating as we settled into the steering and got to grips with how everything worked on the canal.”

Quote by Katie from her blog

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Plus here is a video of one of the journeys

If you would love to ride on a GoBoat you need to pre-book.  Click here to book.

Thames Rocket

Do you love adrenaline, love tour talks, love to be like James Bond, love the London Thames then look no further as Thames Rocket provides all this.

Thames Rocket is most certainly the best and most unique, stand-out activity in London to do and feel like James Bond.  Not only will you experience speed like no other on this 12 seater rib but you will also be entertained by one of the best guides on any speedboat telling you about the many sites of London and giving you a laugh at the same time.  You will see in fact over 20 iconic London landmarks and sights on your ultimate London adventure.

Here are some quotes from some of the community members whom had the opportunity to experience Thames Rocket back in summer.

“For fun, thrills with no spills (well the odd little splash here and there) and you feel the need for speed then this adventure MUST be on your bucket list of things to do.”

Quote by Jason M

“There were so many facts that I didn’t know which always helps as I’ve done so many walking tours, historic days out and just spent so much time in London you can begin to hear the same stories over and over.”

Quote by Haydy from her blog

“I can not express how much fun this is. As you have to sit in pairs, it is a perfect date night that will get your adrenaline running.”

Henri says

“The Thames Rocket is essentially a kitted out speed boat, and boy can this one go fast!  We were introduced to our skillful skipper Nick and hilarious and knowledgeable guide James.”

Quote by Kariss from her blog

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Plus via my blog you can play a video of our evening adventure what-a-rush-thames-rocket

To find out more information about their various tours click here.

HotTug UK

Do you love hottugs, love water, love boats, love the canals of London then look no further as HotTug UK is the perfect hottug to sail down the canals on London whilst in your swimwear.

You will be sitting in a HotTug with 1800 litres of warm water that is kept hot at 38 degrees Celsius 100 degrees F) via a underwater wood burning stove.  The HotTug is constructed from wood and fitted with glass-fibre reinforced polyester. The stove is made of stainless steel and has a double-walled pipe. The HotTug is powered by a built-in electric motor making it very quiet and reaching a speed of 3 mph. This will certainly be the most unique 90 minute experience that you can ever have in London whilst sailing down the canals in your swimwear with friends.

Here are some quotes from some of the community members whom had the opportunity to experience the HotTug back in summer.

“The route is short but it is perfect for moseying along (max 3mph, powered by an electric motor) with drinks, catching up with friends.”

Quote by Lizzie

“It really felt like a new and novel experience and I would definitely do it again. The water was warm, heated by a log burning fire which you control. You can have the water as hot or warm as you like. They plan on keeping this going through the winter, so you’ll be toasty and warm even if snow is falling.”

Quote by Steve from his blog 

“Absolutely love the Hot Tug concept and I’m yet to see anything like it in London.  Certainly something to do in the company of friends all year round.”

Quote by Roma from her blog

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Plus here is a video of our journey

To book a time slot for HotTug UK click here.

Great thing about all the nautical trips from above is that you don’t need any sailing experience as anyone can learn and sail them.

Article written by Joanne Mortlock, founder of Love Pop Ups – London

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