Omescape London

Do you love escape rooms?
Do you love VR?
Do you love a challenge?
Then you’ll love Omescape London

Omescape London is the UK’s premier escape room game, brought to you by the world leaders in live immersive experiences. They have been global leaders since 2012 with over 30 branches across Asia, Eastern Europe, America and Australia. Their objective is to design and create the best escape room experience in the world where players work as a team to explore, find clues, solve puzzles and mysteries to beat the clock.

Here is a list of escape rooms which can be played in London.

King’s Cross

Joker’s Asylum
Biohazard Laboratory
The Penitentiary
Mind Horror (VR)


Kingdom of Cats

Our adventures

Me and some others of Love Pop Ups London got to experience:

Mind the Horror 

Omescape Mind Horror us

We had to enter the mind of a serial killer called the Silent Man in a VR type world to try and solve where he has got a child held which he kidnapped before time is too late as the Silent Man is dying.

Omescape Mind Horror Jen, Sasha, and Bianca

Kingdom of Cats 


Kingdom of Cats is a escape room which is a fantasy world ruled by cats which humans are not allowed to enter.  Trespassing into the world of cats and not being able to return through the door we came through with just 60 minutes before possibly being captured by King Jasper and being used as his scratching post time was crucial.

Do you have the skills and ability to succeed, knowledge, skills, agility, problem-solving ideas, adrenaline, spirit and the will to survive.



Huxley is a VR game which will take adventures to the year 3007 AD, as the world as we know it has gone forever and mankind has been replaced by the machines.  Everything we knew, we loved, we experienced has been destroyed and your small band, the last remaining survivors of humanity, have a final mission to find and help HUXLEY.


Want to find out more click here.

Thanks to Omescape who let some of us from the community of Love Pop Ups London come down to play Mind Horror and Kingdom of Cats. To read our our blogs/reviews from the various escape games click on the escape room links below.

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  1. Bianca says:

    With an easy rating, we knew this one wouldn’t be a super tough nut to crack, but we were not sure what to expect at all. After a short introduction, we were made familiar with the technology and how to use it, then it was time to put on the VR headsets and headphones and get immersed in a technological wonderland…

    Read the full review here:

  2. Jennifer Le says:

    Fun time trying out their VR experience.

    If you are an experienced escapist you will find this very easy but it is still a nice game environment.

    It was the 1st I tried a full VR game and the graphics were decent. It was a bit difficult to do some movements but given there is no joystick or remote you can still move quite well while playing.

    Overall a fun thing to do with friends but might leave you hanging for more in terms of difficulties.

    I definitely want to try their non VR rooms!!!

  3. Jason M says:

    Review by Jason

    As a gaming person, I have tried the world of VR on the Playstation 4 and in comparison to Omescapes new Virtual Reality game with the systems they are using (HTC Vive Systems) I was totally blown away how detailed the graphics and smoothness was!

    I literally thought I’d gone back to the 80’s and jumped into a suit and leapt into the film ‘The Lawn Mower Man’, I really felt so immersed in the game and was intrigued with my heart pounding as to what was going to happen next in the VR World of their game ‘Mind Horror’ based on the mind of a serial killer with you having to rescue the child, solving some puzzles and some logical thinking with your team and just like a traditional escape room, you have just one hour to complete the game.

    So, if you are really into your VR gaming then look no further than Omescapes VR Game, you will NOT be disappointed.

    Thanks to Love Pop Ups London and Omescape for this unique experience #lovepopupslondon #VR #Gaming #Omescape

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