Drinking the in dark – Pitch Black

Upon entering Pitch Black I felt like I had been time-warped back to the 70’s era with the décor and furnishings in the large space which is quite surreal.  The owner greets us all with a glass of champagne to start the night off with the lights on so we can all mingle and get to know each other.

We are then all then led into a different room. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to feel in sitting in a dark room with strangers and tasting drinks without knowing what they are. There is numerous Continue reading

Pop Up celebrity chef event – Whole Foods: Skrei cod night with Michel Roux

Whole Foods is a large inside food outlet which sells all sorts from various different rices, nuts, fresh vegetables, fish, crockery, etc. Upstairs are several restaurants selling hot pulled pork sandwiches to Chinese cuisine.

Certain times throughout the year Whole Foods lay on special events.  I went along to the Skrei Supper Club one that was hosted by the great Michel Roux Jr. who is a Michelin starred Continue reading

Magical delight of shapes & colour – Magical Lantern: Explore the Silk Road

The Magical Lantern is a spectacular fusion of art, heritage and culture which is set outside.

This is it’s second year and this year the lanterns created scenes from Europe to China. There was even a scene on Aladdin. All the lanterns were spectacular and full of colour. I especially loved the lanterns which were next to the water as the reflections hitting the water looked stunning. I also love the massive panda bear with its beady green eyes.

Continue reading

Flavour and spice – Indian Essence: Chef Season event

Even though Indian Essence is not in London I just had to review as this restaurant is the best Indian restaurants on the outskirts of London.

Indian Essence is an established restaurant that is owned by Michelin starred chef Atul Kochhar for some nights though throughout this year he is laying on some special chef season nights where he will be joined in the kitchen with another top chef.  The chef season Continue reading

Cocktail experience – Remy Martin pop up bar

I went along to Remy Martin pop up as I attended a special event.  The first sight I come across is a display of bottles of drink all of which have been displayed really nicely with lights shinning on around them.  After signing in at the reception area I then move into the a dark small bar area and was greeted by a lovely bartender.  I chose a cocktail with rhubarb in.  It looked pretty with its pink colouring and tasted sweet and was smooth on the tongue. Afterwards I then headed on down the stars to another bar area but before entering Continue reading

Let’s cook B****’s – ABQ Breaking Bad Experience

Do you love cocktails? Do you love Breaking Bad (or hate it)? Do you love RV’s? Do you love having fun? then look no further as ABQ covers it all.

When I arrived at the location I see this massive white RV van and a double decker bus. I stand there thinking am I in the right place as there is no sign on the RV stating it’s ABQ then all of a sudden this man in a yellow plastic suit comes jumping out of the RV’s door saying “you here to cook bitch’s”. I initially Continue reading

Balls, Balls, Balls and yet more balls – BallieBallerson GlowMcGlow

BallieBallerson GlowMcGlow I went along to their press night to celebrate their new ball pit which was balltastic. They have recently rebranded themselves with new clear balls 250k in fact that change colour due to the LED lighting under the 10k floor that pulsate in time with the DJ spinning out funk and ragged house music.  This was my first ever time in an adult ball pit and I do mean ever and boy I loved it. Forget about swimming in water go and try and swim in a ball pit instead.  You can have so much fun with the balls from jumping into them whichever Continue reading

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