An explosive escape room – Mission Breakout

This is an exceptional real-life escape game that is based in the borough of Camden in Central London.

It is a fully immersive game that takes place in South Kentish Town’s old disused tube station which closed back in 1924.

Upon going down the stairs to the escape room we came across old black and white photographs Continue reading

What is my identity? – Star Wars exhibition at the O2

Not to Far Far away at this exhibition at The O2 that had many costumes, props, models and artwork from the movies. I particularly enjoyed seeing the vehicles that were used in Star Wars as they were a lot smaller than I ever imagined and I enjoyed seeing the artist’s sketches especially the many various ones on Chewbacca.

However this exhibition is more about creating ‘your identity’ if you were a Star Wars Continue reading

Romeo, Romeo – CoLab: Montagues and Capulets

I went along to CoLab to watch and take part in an immersive modern adaptation of the play Romeo and Juliet. The whole experience was such fun and I really enjoyed the modern take on Romeo and Juliet.  I love the fact that us the audience could get involved in the scenes with helping out in various missions from seeking evidence to being a bridesmaid for Juliet. Plus it is great that the whole play is situated over various rooms with us being able to get to them from climbing ladders and crawling through tunnels.  The acting was also really good Continue reading

Beautiful lush heavenly scented products – Button & Wilde

Button & Wilde was a pop up shop that popped up in London for just two days.  Firstly I love their lovely cute logo of a hedgehog and a squirrel so adorable.  The pop up shop of theirs was decorated out beautifully with a painting of a pink blossom tree and cones of a tree hanging around and some plant foliage laid around here and there between the productions they were selling.  The smell also as you went inside is so lush it really does make you feel like you are in a field of flowers and citrus fruits.  There was a few examples of their hand cream besides the Continue reading

Murder of the future – How to Solve a Problem like Murder

I went to this production last year (see my previous review) and thoroughly enjoyed it so I thought I would return but alas the whole story seemed pretty much the same and the actors / actresses were no where near as good as last years and the dancing seemed a bit stiff not.  However this was the preview night so hopefully they will improve.  The boy and girl (man and lady) that guide you throughout your journey was really good especially the man playing the boy as he was the same actor as last year and he played his character wonderfully.  I left Continue reading

Comedy baby yeah – Chris Ramsey

Why have I titled my review ‘Comedy baby yeah’ you ask well its because he just kept on mentioning his baby and using his baby as comical material so even though his comedy was based mostly on his family life it really was funny especially the part where he was talking about his baby and the pooh situation and cream carpet.  Chris really did rock the Leicester Square London theatre stage with his humour and he did not need any tricks or props to make him more entertaining.  I personally think Chris is a very much up and coming rising modern Continue reading

Code your cocktail – Bletchley Cocktail Bar

I feel privileged and I went along to a soft launch night of Lollipops new bar called ‘Bletchley’. Upon entering the bar I was blown away as I really do feel like I had travelled back into time back to the war with it’s dark lit atmosphere and the noise of air raid sirens going off and everyone dressed in war time uniforms.  You are all given a war jacket to wear to make you feel like you are in the war.  Then you are asked to choose your favourite colour mine being Pink so I was called ‘Agent Pink’. Now onto the fun part of ordering my cocktail.  For my first Continue reading

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