Let’s cook B****’s – ABQ Breaking Bad Experience

Do you love cocktails? Do you love Breaking Bad (or hate it)? Do you love RV’s? Do you love having fun? then look no further as ABQ covers it all.

When I arrived at the location I see this massive white RV van and a double decker bus. I stand there thinking am I in the right place as there is no sign on the RV stating it’s ABQ then all of a sudden this man in a yellow plastic suit comes jumping out of the RV’s door saying “you here to cook bitch’s”. I initially Continue reading

Balls, Balls, Balls and yet more balls – BallieBallerson GlowMcGlow

BallieBallerson GlowMcGlow I went along to their press night to celebrate their new ball pit which was balltastic. They have recently rebranded themselves with new clear balls 250k in fact that change colour due to the LED lighting under the 10k floor that pulsate in time with the DJ spinning out funk and ragged house music.  This was my first ever time in an adult ball pit and I do mean ever and boy I loved it. Forget about swimming in water go and try and swim in a ball pit instead.  You can have so much fun with the balls from jumping into them whichever Continue reading

Dip, crunch & eat crisps – HipChips

WOW what an amazing unique concept crisps and various dips. I don’t usually like crisps that much but these crisps are amazing. They look awesome with all the various crisp colours, crunchy and taste crisptastic. I opted for the small size portion with two pudding dips at £4.50 or you can have savory. I chose the lemon & raspberry dip and the salted caramel dip. Both were lush, the lemon & raspberry creamy and tangy and the salted caramel so sweet, extremely salty and rich.  You can either eat in or takeaway. Originally we was going to eat in Continue reading

It’s a puppet – Wiltons Music Theatre showing ‘The Depraved Appetite of Tarrare the Freak’

Wiltons Music Theatre is a very old interesting building with its old brick work, crumbling walls, old beams, etc. The theatre is quite small but has a very intimate feel the seats though are quite uncomfortable.

I went along and saw an English opera on ‘The Depraved Appetite of Tarrare the Freak’ with the story played out with puppets.

Continue reading

Spinning around fun – Cirque Du Soleil ‘Amaluna’ at Royal Albert Hall’

Firstly what a great place Royal Albert Hall is to hold such a spectacular performance Cirque Du Soleil. Royal Albert Hall is a charming spacious round building so pretty. No matter where you sit and view the stage you will always get a great view.

I have been to many other performances before by Cirque du Soleil and like usual meeting all my expectations with great story, acrobatics, jugglers, balancing acts, air stunts, comical Continue reading

Balls heavenly balls – ‘Gandini Juggling’ at the Peacock Theatre in Holborn

I went along to the Peacock Theatre in Holborn to see “Gandini Juggling”. It was a special edition, created for the 40th anniversary of the London International Mime Festival. 17 jugglers/performers challenge all preconceptions of juggling as they play around with apples and yet more apples. The jugglers/performers are all dressed as they have come from the 40’s era and with their hair gelled back. The whole evening consists mainly of them juggling with apples but in such a unique way with a comical aspect from performing tense relationship Continue reading

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