Project Avatar avoid Chickman

Project Avatar is a unique first person game in which you guide your way through rooms of a Magic Pawn store avoiding Chickman the owner. Become the hero of the game Avatar. Avatar is a time traveller from a parallel world. The task is simple to direct the Avatar with voice commands, explore abandoned locations, solve puzzles, and complete the mission. Only one thing stands between Avatar getting home and that is Chickman.

Courtesy of Project Avatar I was gifted to play their game along with some of my friends. Boldness and determination was required to get Avatar back to his world.

Project Avatar

Project Avatar is a unique first person game which is played online.
It is a hybrid of escape room, video game and performance rolled into one. Players become the hero of the game whilst they help Avatar in real time, in real life. Avatar is a silent traveller from another world. The task is to direct the Avatar with voice commands, explore, solve puzzles, and complete the mission. There is only a baseline scenario and the storyline depends on players’ actions.

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NOVELTEA a cheeky tipple, leave a cuppa out for Santa this Christmas Eve

I love tea, but I also love a drink so when I discovered NOVELTEA my eyes lit up as it is tea and alcohol blended together. There’s a variety of reasons why I and others choose to drink tea or alcohol and that is a way to relax after a hard day’s work, socialise with friends or to relieve anxiety issues. Thanks to NOVELTEA I can now enjoy my favourite drinks perfectly blended together.

Courtesy of NOVELTEA I was gifted a bottle of their festive ‘Celebration’ tea with spiced Whiskey.


Founded in 2016 Lukas and Vincent brought to the world NOVELTEA blended with alcohol. Their success was so immediate, and the feedback very positive, that they knew they needed to get their alcoholic teas in front of as many tea lovers as possible as quickly as possible. So they pitched it to BBC’s Dragons Den and launched in China.

Since winning Dragons Den they have been bringing out new flavours, growing worldwide, and getting recognition winning many awards.

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Frank Dale party time food made easy

It’s nearly Christmas and that means festive celebrations are upon us with parties with friends or family get togethers but with time being a factor thanks to Frank Dale frozen ready made prepared food you can enjoy time with your friends & family with a variety of ready made party canapes, nibbles, quiches and cakes. No need to slave over a stove just take out of the freezer, pop into the oven and serve.

Courtesy of Frank Dale I was gifted some samples of their food from quiches to canapes to taste at home.

Frank Dale

Frank Dale have been producing ready made premium British frozen food suitable for all occasions since 1994 which can be purchased from wholesalers and cash & carry’s.

Frank Dale is the King of Miniatures, who provide top quality restaurant food from frozen miniature gastronomic treats which will instantly perk up any occasion, adding that dash of celebratory pizazz. The range is based on British Classics from scrumptious quiches to gorgeous canapés but with a quirky modern twist on the UK’s traditional favourites. 

Frank Dale products are made by their skilled chefs within a modern and versatile BRC accredited factory. They use the latest technology with more traditional production methods, whilst hand finishing and using British sourced quality ingredients to give that quality unique taste.

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Rebel Wine a little bit rebellious

We all love being a little bit rebellious every now and again and have a cheeky sip of wine during the day don’t we? but have you ever had a wine which has CBD within? Rebel Wine is both, wine and CBD, all of which has been naturally infused together and comes within cans, so it can easily be taken with you no matter where you adventure for that naughty tipple when you need it!

Courtesy of Rebel Wine I was gifted a PR sample of their Merlot, Rose, and Sauvignon wine to taste at home I was gifted.

Rebel Wine

Launched late 2020 Rebel Wine hit the UK with a wine which is naturally infused with CBD. There are some wines with CBD in the USA, but Rebel Wine is the first produced in the UK. Rebel Wine is infused with 10mg of naturally occurring CBD, and is the first of its kind, and available in three delicious wine options of an award-winning Rosé, a Sauvignon Blanc and a Merlot. 

“We are delighted to bring Rebel to the market. We  first developed the concept of wine with an infusion of CBD back in 2017 and we are very  excited to launch the first CBD infused wine in the UK. Following many years of tests and  trials to ensure the best quality product is available for the consumer, we have been  working with the highest quality provider of Hemp, organically grown in Colorado.”

Rupert St Aubyn from Rebel Wine

Rebel Wine wines are high quality South African wine and consists of 13% alcohol. The wine is carefully infused with hemp, and contains naturally occurring CBD and then canned. The natural infusion of CBD will enhance the enjoyment and drinking experience and is a natural way to make CBD more enjoyable. All of their wines contain less than 0.2% THC (the active ingredient in cannabis) in line with the EU Regulations. They advise no more than 70mg CBD per day and no more than 3-4 units of wine daily, so no more than 2 cans per day. 

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LiquidChefs sugar, spice, and a cheeky tipple this Christmas

Ho ho ho, Christmas is just around the corner and we are all thinking about Christmas dinner and party games plus a cheeky tipple or two. However are you like me and struggle making the perfect cocktail for during the Christmas festivities? Yes, then thanks to LiquidChefs cocktail making has been made easy with their cocktail kits which come with all the ingredients you need, all measured and bottled up, all you have to do is just open the bottles, pour in shaker, shake shake shake and serve.

Courtesy of LiquidChefs in time for the Christmas festivities I was gifted their festive drink kit of Spiced Apple to enjoy at home.


LiquidChefs specialise in making your private or corporate event a great one with their portable bars, bartenders and baristas. Plus whilst at home you can even get your home fix with one of their LiquidChefs drinkie boxes which can be delivered to your front door.

All of their bars are fully customisable and brand-able and work well in any space, creating that perfect ambience. Plus their bartenders and baristas are trained in house and picked based on their vibrant and funky personalities.

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Wild Arbor clear cream liqueur as nature intended

There are many cream liqueurs out on the market but if you can’t have cream or milk then fear not as Wild Arbor cream liqueur is the answer. Their liqueur tastes exactly like a cream liqueur but obviously different in the look as it is a clear liqueur, contains no dairy and is gluten free.

Thanks to Wild Arbor I was gifted a few bottles on a PR basis to try and test and I was highly surprised by the taste and it really did taste like a normal Cream Liqueur who would of thought this was totally plant based.

Wild Arbor

Wild Arbor is a clear cream liqueur which is made natural ingredients; free of gluten, free of dairy, free of lactose, and without a single genetically modified organism. Wild Arbor is a cream liqueur, but as mother nature intended it.

Wild Arbor is made from honeybee and the result is a delicious creamy liquid, with a strong taste of cocoa, chocolate and vanilla, resulting in a luxurious, velvety smooth taste.

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Noble House Prepared mealtimes made easy

The colder days in England are here with the wintery months just around the corner and our motivation maybe a little more slack when we get home to cook, as all we want to do is cuddle up in a cosy blanket, with the fire on and watch a movie or chill with a book. Thanks to Noble House Prepared there is no need to slave over a stove as they provide ready made meals which are fresh, comforting and easy to cook. Just grab your chosen meal from the freezer and cook from frozen, no need to the defrost!

Courtesy of Noble House Prepared I was gifted some of their tasty, fresh, and comforting meals to enjoy at home.

Noble House Prepared

Since 2018 Noble House Prepared have been producing fresh restaurant quality ready made meals.

Founders Conrad Baker and Emma Noble-Baker have worked in the fine food industry for over a decade. They have provided spectacular food and drink over the years from fine dining events, weddings and high-end bespoke contract catering sectors, supplying high profile private clients and leading multinational companies.

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With Birchall Tea it’s always tea time

Every day we wake up and the first beverage on my mind in the morning is a nice cup of tea. Thanks to Birchall Tea my mornings have been revitalised as they sell 14 quality different award winning teas from white tea, black tea, green tea, herbal, and chai tea.

What is tea though? well it is an aromatic beverage which is commonly prepared by pouring hot water over tea leaves or a tea bag with tea leaves. There are many different types of tea from herbal teas giving a fruity taste to a classic English Breakfast tea which has a full-bodied and robust taste with a slightly sweet note. Apart from tea being a refreshing beverage to enjoy first thing in the morning or during anytime of the day did you know that teas which contain caffeine has a stimulating effect? When it reaches your brain, the most noticeable effect is alertness. You will feel more awake and less tired. Plus tea is a common ingredient used in most medications to treat or manage drowsiness, headaches, and migraines.

Thanks to Birchall Tea I was kindly gifted all 14 of their award winning teas to try at home from herbal tea to old classics such as English Breakfast tea and Earl Grey.

Birchall Tea

Birchall is a family owned British tea company which is based in London and has been trading since 1872 ever since Captain Birchall Graham first planted a tea tree in India. Why India? as Graham was posted there as an officer with the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment where he served for a number of years. Fond of his time spent in India after his time in service he joined with his brother Robert in India and they cleverly used their savings to make a living by planting tea in Darjeeling. The seeds of a tea dynasty were planted and subsequently Birchall Graham continued in the tea trade, successfully developing the business and acquiring the knowledge and expertise to create the finest teas in the world.

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Empress Ale a royal British ale

Empress Ale is a beer which is designed to offer a more traditional ale alternative to the otherwise lagerful Indian beers. Unlike other ales this is a British ale which is a light, mild hoppy drink which works perfectly with spicy food.

On a courtesy basis I was gifted a few bottles and a branded glass on a PR basis to try at home which did not disappoint.

Empress Ale

Founded by Surj Virk Empress Ale took many months of testing, tasting, tweaking, working with chefs, restaurateurs and award winning brewers to bring an ale of British and Indian influences together. Empress Ale was then born 2016 bringing to the market a premium craft British pale ale that’s smooth, light and easy-drinking.

Empress Ale is brewed in an award-winning brewery in London by chefs and restaurateurs Empress Ale has been designed to be enjoyed on any occasion, leaving you craving for more after every sip. They use the finest natural ingredients, which are sourced locally where possible.

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Wyland Tondelier art is life

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time and Wyland colouring books does just that.

I was kindly gifted courtesy of Wyland a few of his colouring books as well as a necklace designed and made by him made out of milk, yes milk!

Wyland Tondelier

Wyland Tondelier is an artist, sculpture, fashion designer and performer who comes from France but lives in East London.

As an artist he truly is inspired by idols who rock us everyday with their music or their acting. Thus he likes to work and sculpt the line by drawing, painting, using fabric and mixed media bringing us all idols in a way we have never seen them. Curving and interlacing the lines between them to create drawings and installations with a difference.

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