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Do you love spas and treatments?

Below is a list of spa’s which some of us of Love Pop Ups London have had the pleasure in enjoying. Read our write ups via clicking on the links below to read more:

Afternoon tea

Do you love afternoon teas in London?

Below is a list of venues which provide delicious afternoon teas which some of us of Love Pop Ups London have had the pleasure in enjoying. Read our write ups via clicking on the links below to read more:

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I love cooking and getting creative so from time to time with some products I receive from companies I get a little creative and make dishes from starters to desserts with them.

Check out all my recipes via my pages on:

Plus checkout my cook book on Meal Prep King which helps save time and loose weight thanks to their easy to prepare recipes.

Stay in – products & more

Under this tab you will be able to find links to reviews by me on products through to online events which can be enjoyed at home or out and about.

Majority of all the posts which are written were given to me and others on a PR or promotional experience on a courtesy basis*. Any of our write ups are of our own honest opinion and never influenced or affiliated in anyway.

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Plus click on Recipes to discover how to make some of the numerous dishes I made using various food and drink I was gifted.

Here is a list of companies which I was kindly gifted on a PR basis in which I have written up about to help gain those companies further exposure.

2 Many Wines, African Food Box, Africology, A&S Home, Aloha 65 Summer, Aloha 65 Winter, Annie Edwards, Azaline Vermouth, Bad Brownies, Bake Works, Bakester Bakes, Barfi Bites, Bay’s Kitchen, Bellissima UK, BeeHype, BergHOFF Eurocast, Birchall Tea, Bonnie May, Bottle Bar Shop, Bong Bongs, Brigaderio Gourmet, BRUU, BUCKBUCK The Lords Apprentice, BUCKBUCK The White Rabbit, Calidad Home, Cahoots, Cake or Death, Canned Wine, Carn’s Kulfi, CERU, Chapter Love, Cheaze (one off box), Cheaze (subscription box), Cheaze (Christmas box), Chocface, Choc on Choc, Chocolate Dino, Chocolate and Love, Chosan, Clausthaler, Cocoa Boom, Cycladi, Clije, ClueQuest Halloween, clueQuest Valentines, Curtice Sauces, Craft & Crumb, Dante’s in Furlough, Dalston’s, D&D Drinks, Degusta Box, DJ’s Cocktail Infusers, D1 Potato Vodka, Dietly, Drop Drinks, Donut Boutique, Dough & Glory, E Eatery by Home X, Eco Flow, Eleven98, Empress Ale, Emunity Drinks, Empress Ale Gastro Snack Box, Emily Crisps, Enjoy Stevie, Esprala, Essex Bakery, Feed Me, Fentimans, FITCH Brewery, Frank Dale, Fish To Your Door, Friendship Adventure, Fujifilm XP120, Fujifilm XP130, Gifta – Vegan food, Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza, Griddle & JimJams, Gulp, Gunna, Haar at Home, Hawkes Cider, H202, Hapsburg Absinthe, Haufson Nancy Lam event, Haufson wok & steamer, Hellbent, Hilton Macarons, Holy Moly, Homage to Fromage, HOME-X experience boxes, HOME-X produce, Impossible Things, INTUNE Drinks,Islands, JackRabbit Brewing, Jack and Beyond, Jaques London, Jackpot, Jean Patrique, Jeffrey’s Tonic, JimJams, Kally Sleep, Kerrs Gin, KitchenAid Kettle, KOI Artisan, Kyon Drinks, Kung Fu Mama, La Di Da Sweet Treats, Laplandia Vodka, Les Enfants Terribles Sherlock Holmes, Liana, Liberex, Little Rick, Lizeek, Lizeek Valentines, LiquidChefs, LiquidChefs Christmas, London Kitchen Deliveries, Loxwood, Mac and Wild, Marlenka, MayfairSilk, Mr Hugh’s, Mr Squeaks, Makan Malaysian, MAP Lab, Mix and Match Ltd, Mucca Beef Wellington, My GF Bakery, My Sweeties Sweet Shop, Myst, My Supper Hero, Ninja, Nix and Kix, Noble House, NOVELTEA, Outerspace, Old Chang Kee, ORSOM, Out of the Box, Oxford Rye, Paint Your Life, Papa Johns, Pasta Evangelists, Patty & Bun, Peter Bowen, Popcorn Shed, Pure Heavenly Chocolate, Pirates Grog, Pink Gin Marmalade, Port Royal, Project Avatar, Puffing Billy, Ratio, RE 100%, Red Letter Days, Real Raw Honey, Rebel Wine, Remedy, Restaurant Kit, RIDE,Rubifresco, ROAST, Roots, Royal Chai, Ross & Ross Gifts, Sam’s Sparkly Gifts, Savyll Beverage, Serravinci, Secret Theatre Redemption Room, Share A Slice, Sheese, Shuro Shirin, Shot in the Dark, Sip & Co., Skinny Tonic, Slate, Sorsa Kombucha, Snobs, Sri Spice, Stevie, Street Pizza, Stormtrooper, Sublime Butter, Suscents, SuperGlow, Swamp Motel, Sweet Nothing brownies, Sweet Nothing merchandise, SXOLLIE, TAILS Cocktails, Taste Film, Tapp’d, Tea Pigs, TEA+, Tea-Pop, TEASPEC, The Bath Fairy, The Bottle Club, The Cocktail Broker, The Drip Factory, The Drunken Jockeys, The Happy Hamper, The Little Coffee Company, The Little Pasta Company, The Lucky Club, The Meal Prep King Plan, Toshiba, Troo Cocktails, The Panic Room, Tweakd, UIN, Umbrella Company, Waagyu Burger (buerger kit), Waagyu Burger (lobster kit), Wild Arbor, Wild and Game, Whittard, Wild Life Botanicals, Wyland Art, Wulff Den Deli, Valentte, VemacityVIBE Drinks, XITE Energy, Yee Kwan, Yummzy, ZO Tea, WaxWraps

*NO obligation to write a blog or post

Pop Ups & Events

During the year London has so many different pop ups and events which happen and here is a list of all that some of us of Love Pop Ups London got to experience. Click the links below to read our write ups:

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