Paint Republic

Do you love painting?
Do you love music?
Do you love socialising?
Then you’ll love Paint Republic ‘paint and sip’ fun art classes.

Inspired by ‘Paint and Sip’ companies in the US and Canada, The Paint Republic offer events that give people from all abilities the chance to get creative and express themselves in a non-judgemental, relaxed and fun environment.

Growing fast and in demand, paint and sip events are now the all-new way to socialise with friends on a night out.

Their concept is simple book a ticket online, turn up to the venue 15 minutes before to secure your seat, grab a drink, order some food, don on your apron and get ready to paint.

They hold public, corporate and private painting classes within an array of venues across the UK.

No experience is necessary and all materials are provided at their classes.

What is Paint and Sip

A art class that sees people socialising, drinking, listening to music and of course learning how to paint via an artist.

Click here to discover all their classes and to book.

Thanks to Paint Republic for inviting me and a number of other members from Love Pop Ups London down to practice our hand at art.

The Paint Republic

Discover more and read our write ups….

“For the first time in a long while I really felt lost in an activity, I barely even glanced at my phone which is a mighty feat as I am always on it organising future events or opportunities for community members or answering community members questions.”
March 2019

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post or Instagram post

“Our host explained and demonstrated how to start out with a background, and went through all the steps of the painting one by one, so even the most inexperienced painting rookie could follow along and learn some basics of composition, colour theory, and techniques.”
March 2019

Bianca blog post or Instagram post

“Becky also explained, the steps to creating our masterpiece, she was patience and walked around the room to make sure we all got the steps … however the main thing Becky told us was to have fun with 90’s music playing, and this was one art class where drinking is encouraged! Well if it didn’t go well then we all know who to blame.”
March 2019

Joice blog post or Instagram post

“It was super fun to be guided along the process of creating a painting and experience how everybody has a unique style.”
March 2019

Noni Instagram post

“A lovely night learning how to paint.”
March 2019

Livi Instagram post

“When I saw the painting we were to copy- two lovely flamingos and a bright moon, I was a bit concerned I have to say- heehee. Because, i’m “ok” at drawing, but not really animals. However, all I can say is- you do surprise yourself! It was REALLY easy to follow, and before you knew it the outlines were starting to take shape into something that definitely resembled the birds you were meant to be copying!”
March 2019

Clare blog post or Instagram post

“We were led to paint the portrait step by step, but we were also encouraged to put our own spin on the painting.”
March 2019

Jamie Yelp review

“I went to Stane Street Syndicate for a paint party. Met some lovely people had a great chicken katsu burger and ended up with a masterpiece.
March 2019

Gemma Instagram post

“When I sat down at my blank canvas and looked at the picture we were being guided through creating, I thought there was no way I was going to be able to recreate anything remotely close to that. I was reassured it didn’t matter though. It didn’t matter if I wanted to paint something completely different to the guide picture I could paint what I wanted as long as I was having a good time and giving it a try. That’s what The Paint Republic is all about.”
March 2019

Laura blog post

“Is that a bird🕊? Is that a duck🐦? Is that a chicken 🐥? NO! They are pink #flamingos
March 2019

Edelyn Instagram post

“We had a fun teacher who tried her best to make us all artists.”
March 2019

Paula Instagram post

“Becky was a upbeat pleasure of a teacher with a v cool 90s indie playlist to sing long to.”
March 2019

Steph Instagram post

“Overall I had a fun time even though painting isn’t a usual hobby of mine. I never felt lost or helpless, and was pretty surprised at what I accomplished.”
March 2019

Steve blog post or Instagram post

“The session went so quickly! I think it was partly down to the fun playlist that was on and that we all had a good time painting whilst getting to chat and get to know each other a little more! I’d definitely go to another session with friends and have a couple of drinks.” 
March 2019

Beth blog post

“Creativity was encouraged so you could stay with the guided development or go off-piste. Some had drawn bowler hats and others used glitter…whereas I avoided all that and kept my flamingoes pure.”
March 2019

Hungry boy in London Instagram post

“Do something new every day they say. This is what happens when you follow Love Pop Ups London and they invite you to an art class with The Paint Republic.”
March 2019

Maria Instagram post

“After 2 hours of painting, I left feeling so proud of myself.  I couldn’t believe what I had created.  Here’s all the details you need to know for an evening with The Paint Republic.”
March 2019

Ashley blog post

“Grab a drink, grab a paint brush and get creative.”
March 2019

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