Paint Republic

Do you love painting?
Do you love music?
Do you love socialising?
Then you’ll love Paint Republic ‘paint and sip’ fun art classes.

Inspired by ‘Paint and Sip’ companies in the US and Canada, The Paint Republic offer events that give people from all abilities the chance to get creative and express themselves in a non-judgemental, relaxed and fun environment.

Growing fast and in demand, paint and sip events are now the all-new way to socialise with friends on a night out.

Their concept is simple book a ticket online, turn up to the venue 15 minutes before to secure your seat, grab a drink, order some food, don on your apron and get ready to paint.

They hold public, corporate and private painting classes within an array of venues across the UK.

No experience is necessary and all materials are provided at their classes.

What is Paint and Sip

A art class that sees people socialising, drinking, listening to music and of course learning how to paint via an artist.

Click here to discover all their classes and to book.

Thanks to Paint Republic for inviting me down on numerous occasions and for inviting a group of Love Pop Ups London members in coming down one night to learn to paint. Get our links from the comments section below:

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  1. feedlivi says:

    Ever dreamt of painting a masterpiece but not been good enough at art to be able to.. never fear The Paint Republic are on hand to make all of your problems disappear!! They provide art classes that will make even the worst painters capable of producing something worthy of hanging on the wall.

    To get down to the nitty gritty of the event.. We arrived to be greeted by a super yummy burger provided by Stane Street and a mountain of fries. I opted for the chicken katsu burger and certainly wasn’t disappointed. The burger was like eating a katsu curry but with a nice fluffy burger bap.. nom nom. The fries were split into fat chips, sweet potato fries and standard fries… yummy yummy in my tummy!

    After the class, we went to the art class and to learn how to paint, equipped with our drinks. Yes, it’s extremely encouraged to bring your alcoholic beverages… hell to the yeah!!!! We picked a canvas, put on an apron and took a seat.

    It’s like they knew me.. the picture we got to paint was two flamingos by sunset. Now I loveeeee loveee love flamingos and so to paint this was like a dream. We were guided through how to create the head and the body step by step. It was soooo exciting to watch how the layers of the painting really came together.

    After a good one and a half hours, we were finished and added glitter to our work of arts. I have to say never did I believe it was possible to paint flamingos and for it not to look like a 3 year old had painted it. (Yes, I really am child like when it comes to art). However, I was pleasantly surprised, I had a lovely picture complete with flamingos, glitter and even my own heart signature in the corner. It’s now proudly hung in my London home.

    At £25 per person, I have to say it’s a steal in London. The price includes all the materials and a professional teacher in a cute little pub in Clapham. I can’t wait to come back and paint something else soon.

  2. Jamie TD says:

    I was gifted a paint and sip session by The Paint Republic taking place at Stane St. Syndicate. Upon arrival, we were given a pre-ordered burger. I chose the posh pollo and it was delicious. The chicken was quite juicy, and the avocado actually worked well with it, but I wish there was more avocado. We were also given some normal fries and sweet potato fries to share. As I don’t eat regular fries, I had some sweet potato fries which was delicious.

    Post dinner, we were led to a room set up kind of like an art class but for grownups. There was a canvas set up on an easel, with some paint underneath and brushes on the side with a cup of water. There was a teacher in the front of the room with a finished painting of a pair of flamimgoes amidst a body of water with the moon above.

    We were led to paint the portrait step by step, but we were also encouraged to put our own spin on the painting. As someone who doesn’t paint regularly, I just stuck to the instructions. It was a very enjoyable session and everyone had a different painting by the end. The whole thing took around 2-2.5 hours, and I was really happy with my resulting painting. I would recommend for people who want to unleash their inner creativity but need a bit of guidance. It’s also a great activity to do with friends.

  3. Gemma says:

    Who knew painting could be so much fun? With the motto paint, drink, party I think they describe the experience perfectly. Before we got to painting we were welcomed with a burger thanks to Stane Street Syndicate. Mine was a katsu burger, crispy chicken with a nice big dollop of katsu sauce.

    Next onto paining with Paint Republic. I don’t have a lot of skills when it comes to drawing and when I saw the challenge of the night was two loved up flamingoes, I thought I’d never manage to paint anything that even resembled it.

    Our teacher was great, simple instructions step by step. She made the whole experience relaxing and enjoyable. Before you knew it I had a painting that didn’t look so bad, even if I do say so myself.

    Check out my post on Instagram

  4. schanuk says:

    I love finding a ‘thing’ that you concentrate on and dont realise youre so in the zone, the hours have past by so quickly. This was a great night and the tutor Becky was truly perfect. Click below if you want to see my masterpiece and more comments about Paint Republic.

    And for Stane Street and their impressive gluten free care this link is definitely for you:

  5. hungryboyinlondon says:

    A creative evening!

    View this post on Instagram

    🖌 An evening of Creativity, Booze and Burgers 🖌 . I was recently invited to try a painting class held by @thepaintrepublic and the food at Stane Street Syndicate @stanestreet, a cosy pub in Clapham. The opportunity was courtesy of @lovepopupslondon 😍 . . The painting class: In the back room of the pub, twenty people prepared to paint a pair of flamingos in less than 2 hours! Music was playing and we sipped our pints as a professional artist went through the process of how to mix paints, how to choose the right paintbrush and how to achieve a step-by-step development of the flamingoes and scenery. After painting a background, we started with two oval shapes for the heads of the flamingoes and gradually added more form, different colours for various parts of the birds, highlights and shadows (See the accompanying story and highlights for the steps). Creativity was encouraged so you could stay with the guided development or go off-piste. Some had drawn bowler hats and others used glitter…whereas I avoided all that and kept my flamingoes pure 😉😅. Overall, I discovered that 1) I can actually paint and 2) Two pints is the perfect level of booze to draw two awesome flamingoes. It was a really fun, social evening and can't wait to try some more painting! Check out @thepaintrepublic Insta page for more about their activities! 🤩 . The Burger: Before the painting activity, I tried the Sloppy Jalopy Burger, which was part of the Ruby Jean's Burgers menu served @stanestreet. This was a huge burger with British beef patty, hashbrown, jalapenos, melted cheddar cheese and a giant nacho in there for the ultimate crunch. This really did the job…the beef was succulent and there was nice little spicy kick too 😍🤪

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