PF Changs Asian Table

Love Covent Garden area?
Love chain restaurants from America?
Love Asian food?
Then you’ll love PF Chang’s Asian Table which is within Covent Garden.

PF Chang’s Asian Table is a well known Asian restaurant chain which can be found within America popped up within the UK back in 2017 and been cooking hungry diners delicious Asian cuisine.

PF Chang’s Asian Table
Great Newport Street

Less than a minute walk from Leicester Square Underground Station.

Opening times:
Dinner Sunday – Wednesday : 11am – 11pm
Thurs – Saturday : 11am – midnight

They are a halal certified restaurant.

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PF Chang Asian Table us
Katie, Beth, Haydy, Tash, Joanne & Geeta

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“For my finale the best part of any meal in my eyes is dessert and I opted for the white chocolate bomb which was filled with honeycomb, cocoa nibs, popping candy, chocolate soil, hazelnuts & creamy hazelnut ice cream. Then topped with toffee sauce.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post or Instagram post

“I kicked off my meal with the Vegetable Spring Rolls were the crispy rolls stuffed with julienned veggies served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. The rolls crackled with crispiness when I bit into them, they were filled to the brim and the dipping sauce was most certainly homemade as it was delicious and not too sugary!”

Haydy blog post

“The London branch of this hugely successful international chain is fairly spacious. There is a bar and high tables at the front and an open kitchen at the back. There is a small section downstairs but really upstairs (or ground floor) is where all the buzz is.”

Geeta blog post or Instagram post

“We began with a cocktail, it took me so long to decide which one to have as they all sounded so good but in the end I opted for the Sakura Dream which was Vanilla vodka, Pink grapefruit juice, Guava juice, Lemon juice, Orgeat syrup and was garnished with lemongrass foam. Although the lemongrass foam seemed more like a lollypop sort of thing – I was completely here for it. Not only did it look sensational, it tasted like a dream.”

Beth blog post

“The key things to watch out for when ordering healthy at PF Chang’s is portion size, deep fried items and sauces. To eat healthy you want to stick to the stir fry options and avoid sauces with high fat, like spicy mayo or high sugar, like sweet and sour. Going with friends gives you the perfect opportunity to order sides to share, so that you don’t over order.”

Katie blog post

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