Pip & Nut

Love peanut butter?
Love pop ups?
Then you would of loved Pip & Nut pop up.

Love peanut butter then you’ll love Pip & Nut who are obsessed with making theirs tasty.

This February they held a pop up in London Shoreditch for four days called Love Lab celebrating Valentines and their love of peanut butter.

Discover more about Pip & Nuts products via clicking here.

Thanks to Pip & Nut for inviting a few members from Love Pop Ups London a chance to make their own peanut butter at their pop up early February.

Pip & Nut

Check out our Instagram stories on the night click here.

Discover more and read our write ups….

“To get you in the mood for love, Pip and nut has launched a 4-day pop-up in Shoreditch, called Love Lab You can blend your own bespoke nut butter.”
February 2020

Sadaf Instagram post

“Love Lab where you can make your very own nut butter.”
February 2020

Table for Twins Instagram post

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