Pitch Black

Love drinks?
Love surprises?
Love the dark?
Then you’ll love Pitch Black

Then this is a bar that you should visit as you can enjoy a few surprise drinks in the dark along with other strangers

This is really a great unique way to be able to get your taste buds and smell really working then drinking in the dark is the best way to do so.

Before entering into the dark guests will enter a low lit room, be formally introduced to their server and have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with their surroundings before the lights go down. At lights out, staff and patrons are invited to remain communicative, discussing the festival of herbaceous, sweet, savoury and floral treats set before them.


Thanks to Pitch Black who let some of the community of Love Pop Ups London come down to experience their unique bar in the dark. 

Pitch Black collage of place

Discover more and read our write ups….

“He eventually then turns out the lights and seriously it is dark, pitch black in fact.  However the smoothing music that is played in the background is very relaxing and the slight glow from the mats keeps you from being uncomfortable or scared in being in the dark.”
March 2017

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post

“One night Dom Balfour (formely from the gin bar Graphic) and his friend sat in the dark to have a few drinks and thought it would actually be a great concept to do just that for a business that’s how Pitch Black came about.
First established as a pop-up in Shoreditch it is now a proper place in the basement of a building called No Such Place owned by the people behind the bar Trailer of Happiness.
The Experience starts with a coupette of bubbles while you wait for your turn. The waiting area is set in a 60/70’s living room (think Mad Men/The Goldbergs).
Unfortunately the other people who were supposed to come cancelled which didn’t allow us to experience this with strangers which probably would have added to this fun adventure.
Now to the experience itself: you taste 2 cocktails then have a small break and a palate cleanser (not revealing what it is but really good one) to then follow up with 2 wines all done in a pitch black room with small glow in the dark coasters to prevent spillage or at least reduce it. During the experience you bounce off of each others knowledge to try and find out whats in your glasses.
This is quirky, fun and its an unusually way to learn how to taste and describe drinks without any visual incentives. Dom is great in trying to make you describe the tones/flavours of the drinks and puts you so at ease that its like talking to a lifelong friend that you haven’t seen in a while.
I would definitely recommend this if you want to enjoy a couple of drinks with friends but just don’t want to go to a regular bar or a date to find out if you’re a drinking match.”

April 2017

Jen review above

“As I stepped up to the door of the building sign posted ‘Pitch-black event’, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into – from the outside it is not your average bar. But as soon as I saw other couples with the same curious expressions like me, I knew I was in the right place. Upon arrival we were welcomed with a big smile and a glass of prosecco and I immediately felt I was amongst friends at a dinner party. The ‘pitch black’ event is an incredible and surprising experience. Used to always knowing what I am drinking by looking at it, it was great to experience cocktails and wines by only relying on my taste. You will be surprised by how difficult it is to guess what you’re drinking – even those cocktails you think you are very familiar with. I really much enjoyed taking the time to connect with other senses –which are sometimes neglected as sight always prevaricates. A really fun and insightful evening and a great idea for a date night.”
April 2017

Elena review above

“It’s not easy to visually convey how amazing a sensory experience the @pitchblackbars concept is given that it takes place in darkness! #challenge
But imagine sitting in the dark with strangers, being handed a glass and then trying to guess what is in it based to smell and taste alone. 🍸🥃🍷 Interesting to discover how good my tastebuds actually are…which is not as good as I thought, it turns out! 😳
We sampled four drinks after a palate cleansing champagne, each quite different and a mix of cocktails and wine. Had an absolute blast trying to work out what we were drinking, helped by the hilarious host with the most @domtheplayer!
Definitely recommend to everyone…great date idea too 😉 Thanks @lovepopupslondon & @pitchblackbars for the invite!
P.S. to know where to put our glasses, we ‘charged’ these glow-in-the-dark coasters with our phones!💡”

April 2017

Gabi review above or Instagram post

“Let’s get one thing straight – this place is NOTHING like the film (except for the whole darkness thing!).
This new bar, hidden on Neal Street, hosts the brainchild of Lee Baker & Dom Balfour; a unique sensory experience where taste and smell is EVERYTHING.
Open Monday to Friday, each 90 minute session includes a welcome glass of fizz in a dimly lit retro bar and 4 drinks in “total” darkness (yours eyes adjust after a while).
Once accustomed to the lighting groups of up to 20 are led in to a room, seated and greeted by the host (in our case the very friendly and enthusiastic Dom) then taken through the concept and what is in store for them for the next 75 minutes or so.
As the lights are turned out you are plunged in to darkness but for the glow-in-the-dark coasters dotted around the room. A cocktail is swiftly brought to each person (impressive skillz!) and so begins the discussion on aromas, tastes, spirits etc. Shortly after (our group were quick drinkers) another cocktail is served and along the same vein you discuss the cocktail with Dom and the rest of the group. For the most part the cocktails were easy to guess although I heard some interesting suggestions about what our Margherita was (don’t worry they change the menu regularly)!
The lights are then turned on, a palate cleanser is brought in and the cocktails are revealed!
Next up are 2 different wines and again as a group you discuss the smell and taste with questions led by Dom on new vs old world, white vs red, different grapes etc. Again once lights are up, alll is revealed and the bottles are passed around.
The whole experience was surreal as well as a lot more chilled out than I had thought. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for couples celebrating anniversaries or looking for intimate nights out (although the dark provides a cover for any hanky panky). It is a perfect group experience as you are required to be quite vocal throughout.
Dom certainly knew his stuff and we learnt a fair few things – I am suuure he was pulling our legs with some of the stories – including a snippet on the top notes and pairings for the wine however it was reliant on our increasingly sloshed group paying attention.
A definite recommendation for any group (hen dos, big birthdays) looking for something fun and quirky.”

Lizzie review above

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