Pitch Black (work in progress)


winePitch Black: it came upon a midnight drink

One night Dom Balfour (formely from the gin bar Graphic) and his friend sat in the dark to have a few drinks and thought it would actually be a great concept to do just that for a business that’s how Pitch Black came about.

First established as a pop-up in Shoreditch it is now a proper place in the basement of a building called No Such Place owned by the people behind the bar Trailer of Happiness.

The Experience starts with a coupette of bubbles while you wait for your turn. The waiting area is set in a 60/70’s living room (think Mad Men/The Goldbergs).

Unfortunately the other people who were supposed to come cancelled which didn’t allow us to experience this with strangers which probably would have added to this fun adventure.

Now to the experience itself: you taste 2 cocktails then have a small break and a palate cleanser (not revealing what it is but really good one) to then follow up with 2 wines all done in a pitch black room with small glow in the dark coasters to prevent spillage or at least reduce it. During the experience you bounce off of each others knowledge to try and find out whats in your glasses.

This is quirky, fun and its an unusually way to learn how to taste and describe drinks without any visual incentives. Dom is great in trying to make you describe the tones/flavours of the drinks and puts you so at ease that its like talking to a lifelong friend that you haven’t seen in a while.

I would definitely recommend this if you want to enjoy a couple of drinks with friends but just don’t want to go to a regular bar or a date to find out if you’re a drinking match.

P.S. a big thank you to @pitchblackbars @lovepopupslondon

Jennifer Le




It’s not easy to visually convey how amazing a sensory experience the @pitchblackbars concept is given that it takes place in darkness! #challenge

But imagine sitting in the dark with strangers, being handed a glass and then trying to guess what is in it based to smell and taste alone. Interesting to discover how good my tastebuds actually are…which is not as good as I thought, it turns out!

We sampled four drinks after a palate cleansing champagne, each quite different and a mix of cocktails and wine. Had an absolute blast trying to work out what we were drinking, helped by the hilarious host with the most @domtheplayer!

Definitely recommend to everyone…great date idea too. Thanks @lovepopupslondon & @pitchblackbars for the invite!

P.S. to know where to put our glasses, we ‘charged’ these glow-in-the-dark coasters with our phones!

Gabi Tang