Play Dead London

Love murder mysteries?
Love immersive shows?
Love theatre?
Then you’ll love Play Dead London.

Play Dead London is an interactive theatrical extravaganza, where the audience play the detectives and solve the murder by digging for clues through watching the interactions between the characters and getting their hands dirty by interviewing the shady suspects themselves.

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Thanks to Play Dead London for letting me and numerous other budding detectives take on a number of cases throughout London and online. Read our reviews from the comments section below. Thanks to Play Dead London for hiring us as detectives.

Play Dead

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“The best part of the evening was when we, as audience members, got the chance to become super sleuths and interrogate each cast member for two minutes each, speed dating style, and try to solve the case.”
Parents of Super – May 2019

Geeta blog post

“I really enjoyed that none of the characters were confrontational or rude to attendees, which is something I’ve experienced in many other murder mysteries and never liked. ”
A Deadly Dose – October 2019

Bianca blog post and Instagram post

“After listening to what the police had to say and all the suspects we were then given time to exam the evidence which the police had found and time to question the suspects ourselves as well as two witnesses.”
A Deadly Dose – October 2019

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post

“Was a fun event which is streamed LIVE via Zoom. Diving into the minds of the surviving crew members we soon got to what happened in space.”
Space: The Final Frontier – May 2020

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post and Instagram post

“A fun murder mystery with laughs a plenty but if you want to find out what happened you’ll have to take the trip to Cheeseman happy camp or should I say at present not so happy camp and question suspected workers.”
Wish You Weren’t Here – June 2020

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog and Instagram post

“A fun little detective adventure that is super immersive and very group friendly!”
Wish You Weren’t Here – June 2020

Bianca Instagram post

“This was an amazing game, the actors where all brilliant in our questioning and there definitely was some red herrings involved..”
Wish You Weren’t Here – June 2020 

Joice Instagram post

“It was a great chance to see friends (virtually) and have some fun!”
Wish You Weren’t Here – June 2020

Lynsey Instagram post

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