Pleasance Theatre: Night of the Living Dead

Love theatre?
Love zombies?
Love comedy?
Then you’ll love this comical horror play Night of the Living Dead

Based on George A. Romero’s unparalleled 1968 film, one of the most iconic and influential releases of all time, Night of the Living Dead Live! comes to London for the first time ever!

A bunch of strangers are holed up in a farmhouse in rural Pennsylvania.

Hoards of the undead are approaching.

Who will make it out alive?

Night of the Living Dead™ Live! skirts the line between the horrific and the hysterical. It’s the only production officially authorised by the Romero estate, paying loving homage to the film and recreating all those iconic scenes, alongside lots of new material for newcomers and hardcore fans alike.

Get amongst the gore by choosing one of our special on-stage seats in Splatter Zone One, or if you like your zombies at arms length, pick seats in one of our Supposedly Safe Zones.

Expect laughs, brains, blood, guts, braaiiins, music and BRAAAAIIIINNNSS.

Thanks to Pleasance Theatre for letting some members of Love Pop Ups London come down to face the hoards of zombies in their latest production of Night of the Living Dead. Read their blogs/reviews from the comments section below.

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  1. Jamie says:

    Night of the living dead LIVE! was a great afternoon out at the theatre. Being offered premium seats, we were sat on the stage in the splatter zone and suited in grey overalls to protect our clothes. As we were on stage, the experience was very immersive. When the lights went off and the sound effects went on, it was very hard not to scream. There is a lot of chasing out zombies and characters running around you to keep the adrenaline running. The first half was pretty much a replication of the movie while the second half brought about a lot of alternative endings. You also got splattered a lot! Also, as there was a rotating stage, you actually get to see each alternative ending from a different angle, which is a nice touch. If you like screaming one second and laughing the next, and are not afraid of blood (water & charcoal), this is the theatre experience for you.

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