Giveaway opportunities

From time to time on the dedicated Love Pop Ups London Facebook group there are numerous promotional opportunities posted out for bloggers, reviewers and Instagram users to enter for a chance to attend.

Why? As we have businesses wanting members of the community to check out and share what they have to offer. So this in turn they give promotional / press opportunities for us all to help promote / grow their business. All you have to do in return is write a blog / review and post over social media sites!

Terms & conditions

•Anyone who enters any promotional offering and are lucky enough to be selected is requested that you write a blog / review and post over various social media within a certain time period (see further) this is how we gain access to such great events!

•By entering any promotional opportunity or competition you are agreeing that I can share your email and social media sites to that client. 

•If you are a blogger it is essential that within your blog you mention that you received the experience via that company and Love Pop Ups London as this in turn would help the community grow and gain exposure.

•If you are a reviewer please don’t mention on that review site about Love Pop Ups London.

•It is also essential that a paragraph with a link to your blog / review is written in the comments section in the relevant area on

All blogs / reviews should be written up within 10 days but ideally 7 days. Failure to do this will mean that you will be skipped from future opportunities for 3 months.

 •Failiure to post out any blog / review after a month you will be skipped from being invited to any Love Pop Ups London community promotional opportunities for 12 months. 

•If you pull out of an event without giving 24 hours notice without a very good valid reason then sadly you’ll be skipped from being invited to join on any other promotional opportunity for 6 months. This is because these businesses put a lot into giving us these experiences / events and need our support to spread the word to help grow their busniess. Cancelling at the last minute costs them money, time and exposure. Also does not look good for Love Pop Ups London.

•For any posts and / or stories posted on Instagram please mention #Lovepopupslondon and tag.

•For any posts on Twitter please mention tag @LovePopUpsLon.

•People are usually selected depending on their suitability for the experience, following and how active they are in blogging, reviewing and posting over various social media sites.

•All decisions by Love Pop Ups London are final.

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