Present promotional giveaways

From time to time on my Facebook group I give out opportunities for bloggers, reviewers and Instagram users the chance to go along on a promotional / press experiences or an opportunity to purchase discounted tickets.  The blogs / reviews / Instagram posts that are written up give new places the much needed publicity in which they seek.

Anyone that enters any of the promotional / press giveaways if you are lucky enough to win the opportunity then it is required that you write a blog or review over various social sites plus on here afterwards.  This essential to give the client the publicity that they require plus this is also helps us as a community get further events / experiences to help out on.

It is also important that in any write up that you mention that you went on the experience via ‘Love Pop Ups – London’ as this in turn will make the community grow and gain reputation.

There will be a relevant tab under other blogger posts which you can write an in-depth review OR if you are a blogger you can paste a paragraph of your blog along with a link to your blog website. Plus also please post over various other social sites to give the client the much needed publicity.   It is also important to add the companies hashtags that you went along to and #LovePopUpsLondon.

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