Red Palace

Do you love Waterloo The Vaults?
Do you love immersive theatre?
Do you love cabaret?
Do you love mystery, wonder and tales?
Do you love food?
Then you’ll love Red Palace.

From the creators of immersive banquet show Divine Proportions, Shotgun Carousel Presents Red Palace.

Take a step through wonder and mystery within their new immersive theatre and cabaret experience which is full of darkness, wonder and tales.

Red Palace is a night of feast and fantasy, set within a Gothic masquerade that breathes new life into our most beloved fairy tale characters.

Join The Prince and his fairy tale guests in a living labyrinth and enjoy a decadent evening of opulence and merriment, witness the beautiful, the brilliant, the wanton, the bizarre.

Don’t be deceived, these are not those same characters from your childhood memories. Snow White and Red Riding Hood are all grown up and neither are daddy’s little girl any more. Meet a phantasmagoria of assassins, avengers and prophetesses; music hall starlets and black market bootleggers, fabulous émigrés from beyond the Palace’s magical borders. Seductive sirens lounge in the bathhouse and wait to lure you to a luscious end. Alchemists will spin love spells into gold. And of course, the Wolf, who’s always at your door.

Lose yourself down corridors and into mysteries. This is your chance to live your own fairy tale ending. Indulge in the delicacies of The Prince’s banquet to the sound of a ghostly orchestra. Watch dancers and jesters, contortionists and buffoons as ballerinas fly through the air. Rest assured, there will be beauty and plenty of wine.

Follow the breadcrumbs, don’t lose your way. Your senses will be spinning and that’s just what the Red Palace wants.

Don your mask and your devilish alter ego. Drink and be merry, for who knows how this party will end?

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