Love cinema?
Love classic movies?
Love ballrooms?
Then you’ll love Rivoli

The Rivoli Ballroom is one of the last remaining 1950’s ballrooms left in London. The ballroom was originally designed by Henley Attwater back in 1913. The floor is fitted with a sprung maple dance floor so it makes it easier to dance all night long without your feet aching at the end of it.

The whole interior and exterior have remained the same so it creates a 1950’s look. That is why this ballroom is used in many TV shows and films from BBC’s Stictly Come Dancing, The Muppets through to the The Avengers. There is also many music videos and gigs held here from artists such as Florence and the Machine, White Stripes, The Kings of Leon the list just goes on.

However as you can see it is not always used as a ballroom but on occasions movies are shown within the ballroom and on this occasion some of the community of Love Pop Ups – London got to experience the unique venue to watch the film Scarface.

To find out about their latest shows and book click here.

Thanks to Rivoli who let some of the community members of Love Pop Ups London come down to experience their unique cinema set within the oldest and one of the only lasting ballrooms within London.  Read all blogs/reviews from the comments section from below.

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  1. Tracey says:

    Rocky at Rivoli

    It may appear small from the outside but like the tardis, inside was bigger and Better! I was watching rocky when I visited.

    One of many places in London you have to visit, if not for the film you’re viewing then for the ambience and the experience of being in one of London’s last standing ballrooms. With Chinese lanterns and delicate red lamps you are instantly transformed into a new environment. Attracting both old and young people alike, it’s easy to see the appeal. For the older cinema goers, the memories being bought back from the well kept condition of the ballroom and for the young, to experience and recreate their own memories!

    This is definitely a place to visit and tick off your list of London things to do!

    P.s. their loos did smell abit so could do with ventilation.

  2. Vi Vian says:

    I was engrossed in the movie. Moulin Rouge is my all time favourite. Strangely, I have never sat through a film so I’ve never watched the whole film. Because of that, I’m not much of a cinema goer. However, a pop up cinema appeals to me because it tends to have a certain character and it also seems to appeal more to local community.

    The Rivoli Ballroom is just opposite Crofton Park. You’ll not miss the lightbulb lighting shinning on a summer’s dusk. No numbered seating, it’s first come first serve. The chairs are very ballroom like, slightly uncomfortable for a 2 hour long movie. There are only a handful of sofas in front but I felt it was too close to the screen. A dedicated bar is available to purchase your cinema treats.

    It was scheduled at 8pm but the movie did not start until about half past and I find that a little too long for a wait. There is also another 15-20 minutes break in between.

    Thank you Lovepopups London. I’ve really enjoyed the experience.

  3. Henri R says:

    Want an amazing 1920’s inspired ballroom to watch movies in? If yes look no further than Rivoli

    See my blog NOW CLOSED

  4. Anya Walsh says:

    I wasn’t expecting much when i got out of the station and saw it from the outside (although i was surprised just how close it was! it’s literally the first thing you see when you come out of the Crofton Park train station!) But when i walked in i felt like I’d been transported to a century before. The decor was authentic to it’s 1920’s ballroom style which made a nice setting for a pop up cinema. The seats were comfy (there were even sofas on the front row – so get there early for the best seats!) the room was large but it filled up fast, after everyone had gotten their popcorn, ice cream and drinks from the old style bar. The sound and image quality was very good for a pop up cinema.

    If you want to see a classic film in a quirky setting rather than your VUE or ODEON down the street then head to Rivoli!

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