Salty Studio

Love unique dishes?
Love supperclubs?
Then you’ll love Salty Studio.

Salty Studio brings unique flavours to diners at their pop ups events through London making you use all your five senses during their unique dining concept.

Combining all the 5 senses within a night that you will remember forever. Using food, graphics, design and technology to create an ultimate experience like no other.

They have pop ups pop up all over London within unique and unusual spaces from bookstores, laundromats, parks and many more.

All their pop up dining events are generally a one-off unique event and have very limited spaces (10 to 20 seats). So keep an eye out for any future events by clicking here.

Thanks to Salty Studio for letting me come down to open up all my senses through food. Get link to my blog via the comments section below:

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