Scott’s Apothecary

Love lighting a candle when you come home?
Love perfumes?
Love craft?
Then you’ll love Scott’s Apothecary where you can learn how to make candles and perfumes plus other household products.

Alice Scott started is a registered Nutritional Practitioner and chef with a lifelong interest in essential oils. Having for years made her own beauty and cleaning products using the incredible scents and natural therapeutic properties of essential oils, Alice now offers workshops teaching you how to do it yourself. Join Alice on one of her workshops to learn how to use essential oils and make your very own natural soy wax candles, beauty or cleaning products. All ingredients are natural, cruelty free and organic where possible.

Discover all her upcoming workshops via clicking here.

A few of us had the pleasure of attending Alice Candle and Perfume making class in August 2019 where we learnt how to blend own aromatherapy scents using pure essential oils making our own unique candle and perfume.

Thanks to Scott;s Apothecary for inviting me and a few other members of Love Pop Ups London down to learn about oils and how to make our own sweet smelling candles.

Scotts Apothecary me, Geeta and Bianca

Discover more and read our write ups….

“After acquainting ourselves with each other within the class with a tipple of fizz (or tea) and an introduction by Alice we soon got learning all about essential oils, smelling and choosing our desired smells for our candle and perfume.”
August 2019

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post or Instagram post

“Everyone’s candle smelled quite different, with individually selected oils, I wanted to create a halloweeny, autumny spiced pumpkin type of smell, which I achieved with a balanced mix of cinnamon, clove, ginger, mandarin orange, may cheng (also a citrusy scent), bay, juniper, cedarwood, nutmeg, and just a few drops of pachouli to round out the smell. It all came together beautifully to create a comforting, spicy, comfortable scent profile that I’m very happy with.”
August 2019

Bianca Instagram post

“The two hour workshop started with Alice explaining about the health benefits of various essential oils and how to use them for different ailments. I also learnt that not all essential oils should be applied directly on the skin and some need a carry oil (like almond or olive oil) or else they will burn.”
August 2019

Geeta blog post

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