Scream Works – Bloodbath

Love horror?
Love serial killers?
Love immersive experiences?
Then you’ll love ScreamWorks latest production BloodBath

Are you brave enough to encounter a serial killer?

Bloodbath is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the house of a serial killer, to discover for yourself his story and the circumstances which led a troubled young boy to become a brutal killer.

For around 70 minutes, you will take a journey through Jack and Abel’s family home in Bethnal Green, whilst you enjoy their hospitality of a delicious buffet of snacks and drinks and a range of fun activities all while learning about Jack’s ‘Great Work’ and the motivations and forces which have driven him down this dark path.

Along the way, you might also discover some surprising things about yourself.

Secret Location
Paradise Row
E2 9LE

Book now click here
Ends 31 March 2023

Thanks to Jack for allowing some members of LPUL Club come along and visit your house. They had a scarily good time. Thanks for allowing them to live.

“This place takes “immersive” to another level ! Ever thought about how you’d cope if you found yourself in a scary situation, that you’ve seen in horror films?”
February 2023

@wanderlustlynsey Instagram post

“I felt like I was actually in a blinking horror movie, screamed my lungs out, almost had a panic attack for christ sakes and if it wasn’t for the company I was with, I wouldn’t have made it to the end.”
February 2023

@dieponfood Instagram reel

“Do you dare to enter the mind of Bloodbath host Jack?”
February 2023

@jojoexplora Instagram reel

“We went through various rooms as the story of what was happening came together with references to some classic horror killers.”
February 2023

@neverfearnew Instagram post

“Expect shouting, touching and crawling through narrow and dark spaces, plus references to some classic horror movies, like ‘Saw’, ‘Psycho’ and ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’. Grab a group of friends and try your luck.”
February 2023

@patydantas8 Instagram reel

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