Secret Cellar

Within the intimate setting at Secret Cellar you can come face-to-face with the finest close-up magicians in the world.

Secret Cellar kindly gave the community of Love Pop Ups – London a few spots to experience the following shows:

Ian Rowland – The Mind Man

Ian is the world’s leading cold reader comes to London. Psychological mind reader and mentalist Ian Rowland will read your mind and tell you how he does it, and explain how every choice you make can be influenced in ways you don’t even realise. You will laugh, you will be amazed and end up doubting your own intuition. The Mind Man (Ian Rowland) is a member of the Inner Magic Circle and an expert in persuasive communication. He has been hired by the FBI, the Ministry of Defence and the British Olympics team sports psychologists.

Brendan Rodrigues – Intoxicated

Brendan recently won the Magic Circle Close Up Magician of The Year Award 2016.

Following from a sell-out run at the Secret Cellar, he returns. This star of the Next Great Magician and Magic Circle Close-Up Magician of the Year will present more bar flair and gobsmacking sleight of hand. Enjoy a unique take on illusion by one of London’s most stylish magicians.


  1. Elizabeth de Brito says:

    What a unique space, hidden in the wall, literally Secret Cellar. Very atmsopheric place. Bit expensive at £20 but possibly understandable given the size. Amazing magic show by Brendan Rodriguez, mindblowing.

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  2. Jamie T says:

    I watched Ian Rowland – The Mind Man on his last show and it was entertaining. I wouldn’t say it was worth £20 though, but it was good entertainment and an intimate setting. He is a great speaker, funny and has some decent tricks. It was a bit of magic and demystifying certain aspects of magic which was interesting. However, I think it would have been better if he stick to either just being a magic show or demystifying certain things and the whole shebang. I found it a bit weird to have some showmanship for mind tricks to get ‘smart’ such as multiplying double digit numbers ending in 5.

    Overall I would say it was entertaining and better than sitting at home doing nothing, but I wouldn’t kill myself for a ticket.

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  3. I came here to watch Brendan Rodrigues and it was great. Really made my evening. I sat in the first row with a couple of friends and was really impressed by his sleight of hand magic.

    Almost everything was like ‘wow’. He is extremely talented with his hands as he showed off with his magic crystal ball which he almost makes float. He is very smooth with all his moves and very charming with his personality. He puts his own flair into some things like finger ballet, which is not a magic trick but just a show of the dexterity of his fingers.

    He did a routine for romance for a couple with various things appearing, dissapearing and guessing cards. Finally, he did a bar routine where he guessed the cocktail on the sheet of paper. It was awesome and would definitely recommend.

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