Love discovering your senses?
Love team work?
Love fun things?
Then you will love SENSAS a multi sensory immersive experience within London

Enjoy a multi sensory journey with SENSAS.

SENSAS first opened back in 2015 within Marseille, France. Since then 15 other venues have opened with more still to pop up over several countries.

SENSAS is a one kind multi sensory entertainment activity which provides an innovative and yet fun concept which takes your senses on a challenge as you touch, watch, listen, smell and taste.

For 2 hours in your own private group (4 to 15 people) throughout SENSAS you will get to explore your senses and experience a loss of control like never before.

By surpassing yourself and overcoming challenges, along the way you will collect a number of tokens which will be converted into a donation to that particular SENSAS partnered charity.

SENSAS is proud to combine such an interactive and fun activity with real actions through donations.


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Note: A number of games are played within the dark.

A group of us of Love Pop Ups London took our senses on a journey with SENSAS.

Discover more and read our write ups….

“I absolutely loved exploring and taking my senses on a challenge like no other along with my team. Each room was so unique and really did put all our senses to the test. ”
October 2021

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post or Instagram post

“There are various rooms which are here to challenge all your senses from tastes, smell, touch and sight! Each one really exposed you to your inner fears.
October 2021

jojoexpora Instagram post

“With each room designed to test each of your senses, one moment you’ll feel like you’re on I’m A Celebrity and the next feel like you’re working with 007!”
October 2021

wanderlustlynseyjane Instagram post

“We had a blast solving puzzles based on our senses, touch, taste, smell, sight and sound.”
October 2021

flyingfluskey Instagram post

“Explore the activity rooms and solve the puzzles in teams. Some are super scary and others are great fun.”
October 2021

boopfoodie Instagram post

“It was SUCH a fun experience & we couldn’t recommend it enough – it’s a perfect activity to do as couples, with family, friends or even colleagues.”

canweeat_ Instagram post

“Won’t reveal the activities themselves, but you will certainly be amazed and challenged as you might need to face some of your fears as some of the activities are done in the darknesses!”

uktravelling Instagram post

“Test your senses with a twist at Sensas! It was an interesting experience — you give all five senses a test with various challenges.”

nyc_to_london Instagram post

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