Social Fun and Games (SFG)

sffgLove rooftops with a view?
Love drink and food?
Love music?
Love Igloos?
Love Curling?
Love Jenga?

Then look no further as Social Fun and Games has it all.  SFG returns this winter (2 November) on top of Stratford Centre, Roof East.  There are bars, food stands, Igloos, Curling, Jenga and music.

Curling is similar to bowling but instead of hitting down pins the aim of the game is the one to have their curl nearest the middle of the target at the end of the lane. There are six neon-lit, synthetic ice curling lanes in total.

Whilst playing you will be able to order drinks direct to be delivered to your lane by hosts as curling can be thirsty work after all.

For full regulations and rules on how to play curling click here.

To book a lane click here.

Thank you to SFG who let the community of Love Pop Ups – London come down to experience the Igloos, drink & food, music and of course the Curling.  Get to our blogs/reviews from below: COMING SOON


  1. Steve says:

    Want a Winter escape from busy city life, while staying in zone 2/3 and the tube line? Roof East’s new Winter curling escape is just the place and I got to and thanks to them and I got to see what it’s all about. 

    Set on a roof on Stratford Centre, it’s an escape from London, a place where you can feel like you are on some winter European holiday. Read the rest here:

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  2. Louise Joy says:

    If you’re looking for something to do in the run up to Christmas: this is it. It’s so much fun with a group of friends because you can get merry and try and beat each other at curling, but it was also kind of romantic too with many twinkling lights and the transparent warm snow globes providing views of the capital. It would be perfect for date night too and the best part about it is that you can spend a whole evening there because it has everything you need: delicious hot and cold food, seasonal and classic drinks, entertainment, fun and games and just a genuine great feel to it all.

    Read my full review at:

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