Sounds and Sorcery

Love immersive shows?
Love Fantasia?
Love music?
Love fantasy?
Then you’ll love this Sounds and Sorcery

Sounds and Sorcery is an immersive sound and visual extravaganza.  Guests are taken on a magical journey through a series of underground tunnels, experiencing the music of Disney Fantasia while surrounded by theatrically designed installations, performances and interactions. 

Note: The event is inspired by the original movie, but will not feature footage of the iconic film, nor will the original film be screened.

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Thanks to Sounds and Sorcery who let me and some others from Love Pop Ups London come down to magically drawn into a world of Fantastia.  Read our blogs/reviews from the comments section below.


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  1. Bianca says:

    The tunnels of the Vaults under Waterloo station, one of my absolute favourite event venues in all of London, have been turned into a series of rooms that can be freely explored. Some rooms have absolutely gorgeous visual installations, perfectly paired with music from Fantasia and reminiscent of the animated scenes accompanying the music in the film. Choreographed light effects absolutely immersed us in the music and made it feel like a magical journey.

    Read the full review:

  2. Lizzie Williamson says:

    Nothing can beat Fantasia however a visual and musical experience is a great way to celebrate. The Vaults is one of my favourite venues and always feels other worldly so the underground arches was the perfect place to host it. The self guided free roaming experience consists of around 6 rooms, some of which are timed. Unfortunately we missed the sorcerers apprentice waiting for another show to start. My favourite room was definitely the dancing flowers and mushrooms. A riot of colour while  beautiful music in your ears plays through your headset  The sound quality was sometimes a little fuzzy but was impressive to have the different songs from the film change as you moved from room to room. I think more guidance on timings for the rooms with live actors would help to make the experience slicker but it certainly got me wanting to watch the film again!

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