South Pole Saloon

Love elves?
Love Father Christmas?
Love Saloons?
Love drink?
Love dancing?

Then South Pole Saloon is a pop up that you don’t want to miss.

In the heart of Brixton this is where Christmas goes naughty!

Legend has it deep in the snow of the South Pole there is a Saloon. This decadent and debaucherous dive bar plays host to a Christmas spectacle like no other, for it is here the elves come out to play and Brixton has recreated it.

Members of the South Pole Saloon invite only the naughtiest guests to join them at Christmas. You will be Be willingly beckoned into the warm shelter of the saloon and peek through the fir tree forest into an enchanted, decadent land. Plenty of festive cocktails await, steaming bowls of street foods, immersive and sensational entertainment with a festive DJ lineup.

To see the food and drink on offer and more info on South Pole Saloon visit here.

Thanks to South Pole Saloon who let me and another member of the community of Love Pop Ups – London come along to the launch party where we got to be naughty with the elves and party the night away.  Read our blogs/reviews from below:


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