Spun Candy

Love candy?
Love to know how to make candy?
Then you’ll love Spun Candy

Spun Candy are producers of handmade hard rock candy and confectionery.

They opened back in London 2013 they have developed hundreds of designs and flavours of confectionery. Their product range is constantly evolving, pushing the boundaries and growing due to customer demands and global trends.

All their candy is 100% Vegetarian, contains natural flavours, gelatin and gluten free.

As well as being able to buy candy within their store they also hold a number of masterclasses within their kitchens which you will get to handmade your own creations whilst being tutored and learning the art, history and science behind the confectionery.


Thanks to Spun Candy for inviting me and another community member from Love Pop Ups London down to make candy.

Spun Candy me and Bianca

Discover more and read our write ups….

“We were given an apron, safety gloves and a welcome drink. Upon introductions it was time to get stuck in and learn all about the art of candy making. We got to learn the history and science of candy from methods, techniques and the ingredients used.”
July 2019

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post Instagram post

“From simple spirals over tornado swirls to hearts and flowers, we were able to make all kinds of lovely lollipops and had a fantastic time along the way! It’s always fantastic to be able to take something hand made home with you after a any kind of class, and in this case, we got some beautiful gifts for friends and family out of it! And a brilliant experience unlike any other.”
July 2019

Bianca blog post & Instagram post

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