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African Food Box enjoy African Puff Puff at home

African Food Box brings the taste of Africa to peoples homes from savoury to sweet treats such as Africans famous Puff Puff’s.

What is a Puff Puff? Puff Puff is a traditional African snack which stretches from Eastern to Southern edges of West Africa, where they are mostly known as mandazi. They are dough like pastry balls, which are sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon and comes with chocolate to dip the balls within.

These nutmeg-spiced dough ball is a traditional sweet snack, integral to every birthday party, wedding and naming ceremony. They can be seen frying in many street stalls across the continent and are best eaten warm. The tasty puff puff comes with complementing toppings such as rich chocolate sauce, chunky peanuts and or aromatic cinnamon sugar.

I was gifted a courtesy box of the famous Puff Puff to recreate at home thanks to African Food Box.

African Food Box

African Food Box is a meal kit delivery service that aims to bring the delicious flavours of Africa to the convenience of your home. They pride themselves on curating authentic food experiences, by providing you with pre measured high quality ingredients, easy to follow recipe cards and handy extras, so that your cooking experience is stress free and waste free. Just build your box, wait for deliver, cook and eat.

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