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A look back at January 2019 – Community fun

This article is a look back at the amazing experiences which various community members of Love Pop Ups London enjoyed and helped spread the word about during January 2019 on complimentary basis.

January 2019 a look back

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Where is the groom? – AIM Escape Hangover Déjà Brew

Plunging into a room of darkness when the lights came on we noticed that there had been a party, or had we just woken up after a hard night of partying with a hangover and forgotten everything that happened last night?

AIM Escape

AIM Escape is based in Whitechapel and provides escape room fans a number of different high tech games making all players feel very immersed with their extreme challenges, complex narratives and realistic sets and props.

With each AIM Escape Room tells a unique and complex story.  Solve mysteries and unravel plots in order to earn your freedom within 60 minutes whatever room you enter.

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The names Jo, Jo M – AIM Escape Spy Heroes

I went along the other day with one of my great friend Bianca and her friends to play a test run of AIM’s newest and most technology based escape room in London ‘Spy Heroes’.


AIM is one of London’s newest escape rooms to hit London.  Their escape rooms take players to a new high with an experience like no other with extreme high tech cutting edge challenges, complex narratives, hyper realistic sets and props along with great unique stories. So gone are the days of locks, combinations and keys. AIM offers a fully automated escape room experience. Continue reading

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