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Retro ball pit fun – BallieBallerson Shoreditch

BallieBallerson newest walk in deepest ball pit is based in Shoreditch (Container 36, 2-10 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6GY) for Summer. It is so retro with its many coloured balls. It’s a rainbow swimming pool of balls in fact I am sure unicorns would love, sorry I mean every big kid (adult) at heart would love this as this is just for adults.

So want to be taken back to your childhood, want some fun and want to party down to some funky music then visit here. You can jump in, swim, walk or should I say hike in Continue reading

Balls, Balls, Balls and yet more balls – BallieBallerson GlowMcGlow

BallieBallerson GlowMcGlow I went along to their press night to celebrate their new ball pit which was balltastic. They have recently rebranded themselves with new clear balls 250k in fact that change colour due to the LED lighting under the 10k floor that pulsate in time with the DJ spinning out funk and ragged house music.  This was my first ever time in an adult ball pit and I do mean ever and boy I loved it. Forget about swimming in water go and try and swim in a ball pit instead.  You can have so much fun with the balls from jumping into them whichever Continue reading

Balls heavenly balls – ‘Gandini Juggling’ at the Peacock Theatre in Holborn

I went along to the Peacock Theatre in Holborn to see “Gandini Juggling”. It was a special edition, created for the 40th anniversary of the London International Mime Festival. 17 jugglers/performers challenge all preconceptions of juggling as they play around with apples and yet more apples. The jugglers/performers are all dressed as they have come from the 40’s era and with their hair gelled back. The whole evening consists mainly of them juggling with apples but in such a unique way with a comical aspect from performing tense relationship Continue reading