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Yee-haw cowboy – Moonshine Saloon

Giddy up, cowgirls and cowboys, there’s a new Sheriff of cocktails in town. he Moonshine Saloon hits the Wild West of London at 535 Kings Road.

This is an immersive cocktail experience where you bring a bottle of your choice of spirits (I brought whiskey) and you smuggle it into the basement Saloon where the fantastic bartenders will mix up cocktails for you. Continue reading

A look back at May 2018 – Community Fun

This article is a look back at the amazing experiences which various community members of Love Pop Ups London enjoyed and helped spread the word about during May 2018.

May 2018 a look back

Escape London: Seven Seas

Escape London escape room Seven Seas is in Shadwell, London.   If you love escape rooms and pirates then this room is certainly a must for any fan. Some community members from Love Pop Ups London had the opportunity to play the game. Upon entering we was all locked up in cells and it was our mission to escape the jail cells and rob the pirates ship of it’s stashed treasure.

Question is though do you think you have what it takes to beat the escape and steal the pirates treasure?

Escape London: Escape the Seven Seas

“Having to escape a cell was a new experience for me and it definitely set the scene well. All in all, we had to break into the Captain’s quarters and steal the pirate booty for ourselves. With a 49% success rate this is one of the more difficult games in Escape London’s repertoire. I certainly thought it was challenging at times. ”


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Escape London: Taken

Escape London escape room Taken is in Shadwell, London.   If you love thrillers which involves kidnapping such as movies like Taken then you will love this escape room which we had to save Bob from the insane serial killer who has kidnapped him.  Some community members from Love Pop Ups London had the opportunity to help save Bob.  We managed to save him from the clutches of the serial killer within time. As you can see he was very happy to see us ladies.

Escape London: Taken

“I really enjoyed this escape room, I thought there was plenty of puzzles to solve and it was challenging enough to keep you guessing. I also liked the story element and all the props which really made it seem realistic. The music also added to the suspense and had you on edge, adding to the tension to quickly solve the puzzles.”


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British Movie Tours

British Movie Tours is the premier provider of Film and TV location sightseeing tours in London and the UK.  They operate bus, walking and small vehicle tours in various locations throughout the UK.  Some community members of Love Pop Ups London had the opportunity to experience their Harry Potter walking tour which they got to discover various buildings which were used in the movies in someway.  Do you know all the locations in London used?

British movie tour by Mei Suen

“We went to the location where the Ministry of Magic was filmed, and heard how props were made or put there to make the scenes, and they were not done by CGI.  So if you were expecting to see a Gentlemen’s toilet entrance near the Ministry building, you would not find it there as the sign was put there for the scene, to make it look like there was one, which is cheaper than to build an actual toilet. ”


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Bite Me Burger

Bite Me Burger has returned to London with a new permanent restaurant in Chalk Farm near Camden Market serving their classic mini burger sliders.  There is so much choice from the Classic American Bite to an Hawaiian Burger.  You can even select a mini hotdog if you did not want a duo, trio or even a dozen burgers.

I had the opportunity to sample some of their burgers in their new location.

Bite Me Burger me

“I loved both burgers as both were juicy, full of flavour, meaty and very filling. What really surprised me though was the Hawaiian burgers I never would of thought that pineapple would work with minced meat but surprisingly it did, now I am yearning to try adding pineapple to my homemade burgers. ”

Joanne found of Love Pop Ups London

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If you love roof tops, games, activities, food, bars and fantastic cocktails then look no further as SFG has reopened in Stratford.  If you are looking for a great night out then look no further as this is a very social hangout, fun and full of games.

Regina co-founder of Love Pop Ups London had the opportunity to attend the launch night.

“SFG Club has re-opened and is hosting an unbelievable circus-themed roof top party which you don’t want to miss out. They have decorated the Roof East rooftop (located near Stratford station) with various games, activities, circus acts, food booths and several fantastic cocktail and beer bars.”

Regina co-founder of Love Pop Ups London

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If you love immersive theatre and gastronomic food then you will love Gingerline.  Gingerline Chamber of Flavours V3 takes guests through several dimensions on a magical journey of fantasy full of fun and discovery.  Will you leave the Chambers of Flavours V3 with your mind in a dreamy state?.

I had the opportunity to go along with another community member of Love Pop Ups London to take the magical journey through the chambers.

Gingerline Chamber of Flavours V2

“This blend of immersive theatre and fine dining comes with an intriguing storyline and amazing set, so much attention to detail and opportunities for participation are built into it, it is an absolute delight to attend. From the moment we arrived, all actors were in character, providing entertainment along the way.”


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Ford’s Gin

Ford’s Gin brings The History of Gin to take you on a journey throughout history. Regina co-founder of Love Pop Ups had the opportunity to attend one of their first events.  She sampled seven delicious cocktails whilst being taught why Gin and cocktails have been close bedfellows throughout time.

Ford's Gin July 2018

“The word punch comes from the Hindustani word Panch meaning 5 because you need 5 ingredients for it to be considered as a punch ”


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The London Bridge Experience

If you love horror and zombies then I highly recommend being a zombie for a day at London Tombs.  You can get made up as a zombie, choose from an array of clothing and then enter the scare maze of London Tombs to scare people.  Is this your idea of a dream or a nightmare?

For me and Steve a community member of Love Pop Ups London it certainly was a dream come true and one we will be reliving it in our dreams for many years.

London Tombs - Joanne and Steve as zombies

“This is like an all access backstage pass into wardrobe and makeup. If you have every had dreams of working in a scare park as I did, this is your dream come true!”


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Funicular Productions: Murder Express

If you love Murder Mystery, immersive theatre, food and MasterChef then I highly recommend this immersive dining experience at Pedley Street.  Me and some other community members of Love Pop Ups London we had the pleasure in taking the journey on the Murder Express which we enjoyed thrills, twists, turns all whilst be got treated to exceptional food creatively crafted by BBC One’s MasterChef 2016 finalists Billy and Jack.

Murder Express us inside

“Naturally fingers were pointed, motives discovered and accusations thrown left right and centre – who on earth would do such a thing and on such a busy journey?”


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The big question is though how would you love to join the many journeys that we of Love Pop Ups London experience every month from escape rooms to restaurants?

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Taste of Italy in Dalston – Rotorino

Rotorino is an Italian restaurant and wine bar that is in Dalston. I was invited along to try out their regional Italian set course meal last Tuesday. I am half Maltese so Italian food is my number one cuisine.

Rotorino – Who they are

Head Chef’s Lewis and Stevie are constantly working on new things to bring Italy to Dalston. The menu changes slightly every day along with new specials every week. All the pasta dishes are available in small or large size. However as they are an Italian restaurant and Italian’s love sharing they highly encourage sharing plates. Continue reading

Doing time drinking – Alcotraz

Alcotraz is an immersive cocktail bar in London set in the heart of Brick Lane and is the only immersive prison type bar within London at present.  Alcotraz initially opened up as a pop up back in September 2017 created by Sam Shearman the founder of Inventive Productions. From January 2018 though it has now become a permanent venue. Sam was inspired by (you guessed it) Alcatraz. The entire venue can accommodate 40 inmates at any one time and throughout your sentence cell mates will be served four cocktails made from the liquor that you have smuggled past the guards. Continue reading

Drink goggles on, party shoes on, check – Drake and Morgans: The Listing

I had the privilege of going along to the launch night of Drake and Morgans newest bar & restaurant The Listing which is based in Cannon Street last week on 9th November. This is now Drake and Morgans 19th bar & restaurant.

Drake and Morgans: The Listing

The launch party was being held on the ground floor in the main bar and restaurant area. The party was heaving with people but that did not matter as the two storied building with wrap around windows gave you views from in/out of the restaurant making the whole place seem open leading us not to feel claustrophobic. I went along with my blogger friends Steve and Kim Continue reading

Let’s party like it’s Summer – Tropicana Beach Club

Tropicana Beach Club is the place you definitely want to be if you want to party like it’s Summer. Tonight I went along to a special event via SquareMeal and eventspiration.

Tropicana Beach Club me and bar man

Tropicana heaven

From the moment I walked through the door I felt like I was transported into a Caribbean Island and straight away my mind was taken into party mood. The barman greeted us with his friendly smile and fun personality and gave me a shot which contained not alcohol but pineapple and cranberry juice which made a change and was very refreshing. Continue reading

Code your cocktail – The Bletchley

I feel privileged and I and others from Love Pop Ups London had to the pleasure to attend a soft launch of Lollipops new bar called The Bletchley.

The Bletchley the wartime cocktail bar

Upon entering the bar I was blown away as I really did feel like I had travelled back into time back to the war with it’s dark lit atmosphere and the noise of air raid sirens going off and everyone dressed in war time uniforms.  Everyone is given a war jacket to wear to make making people feel like your in the war down in a bar basement.

Which Agent name will you be given?

All agents (drinkers) are asked to choose their favourite colour. My favourite colour is pink so I was called ‘Agent Pink’ for the night. Now onto the fun part of ordering my cocktail. Continue reading

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