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Rebel Wine a little bit rebellious

We all love being a little bit rebellious every now and again and have a cheeky sip of wine during the day don’t we? but have you ever had a wine which has CBD within? Rebel Wine is both, wine and CBD, all of which has been naturally infused together and comes within cans, so it can easily be taken with you no matter where you adventure for that naughty tipple when you need it!

Courtesy of Rebel Wine I was gifted a PR sample of their Merlot, Rose, and Sauvignon wine to taste at home I was gifted.

Rebel Wine

Launched late 2020 Rebel Wine hit the UK with a wine which is naturally infused with CBD. There are some wines with CBD in the USA, but Rebel Wine is the first produced in the UK. Rebel Wine is infused with 10mg of naturally occurring CBD, and is the first of its kind, and available in three delicious wine options of an award-winning Rosé, a Sauvignon Blanc and a Merlot. 

“We are delighted to bring Rebel to the market. We  first developed the concept of wine with an infusion of CBD back in 2017 and we are very  excited to launch the first CBD infused wine in the UK. Following many years of tests and  trials to ensure the best quality product is available for the consumer, we have been  working with the highest quality provider of Hemp, organically grown in Colorado.”

Rupert St Aubyn from Rebel Wine

Rebel Wine wines are high quality South African wine and consists of 13% alcohol. The wine is carefully infused with hemp, and contains naturally occurring CBD and then canned. The natural infusion of CBD will enhance the enjoyment and drinking experience and is a natural way to make CBD more enjoyable. All of their wines contain less than 0.2% THC (the active ingredient in cannabis) in line with the EU Regulations. They advise no more than 70mg CBD per day and no more than 3-4 units of wine daily, so no more than 2 cans per day. 

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TEA+ more than just tea, vitamins too!

We all try and stay as fit and healthy as we can, buy taking vitamins, eating fruit / vegetables or drinking a glass of juice for our daily vitamin intake but have you ever had a tea which consists of vitamins? No! Then you’ll love TEA+ which provides a great tasting fruity cuppa which has a combination of vitamins. What is better than knowing your cup of warming tea can now help your mood and health.

I was kindly gifted some PR samples to taste at home and I can 100% say that they did make a difference to my mood and the Sleep tea really did help soothe my mind and helped me drift off easier to sleep.

TEA+ (formerly Tea Plus)

Tea Pus (know TEA+) was established back in 2015 by husband and wife team, James & Jade Dawson, whose vision was to bring a new, smarter, healthier tea to the market. From there, a unique range of vitamin teas was born.

Their tea combines the best bits of herbal, fruit and green teas with daily essential vitamins together making their teas the most healthiest and nutrient rich teas on the market.

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INTUNE Drinks gets you in tune for the day

Get intune with INTUNE Drinks which is a drink which contains CBD. Drinks with CBD helps get you focused and calm.

I was sent these drinks on a gifted basis in return for an honest review.


INTUNE Drinks are drinks that are made use CBD botanical extract along with spring water and fruit juice providing consumers with a refreshing taste as well as a drink that will get you focused.

They are flavour pros, who are obsessed with making great tasting CBD drinks.


What is CBD?

CBD comes from a hemp plant, which is part of the Cannabis sativa family, marijuana / weed which is a different strain of plant also from the same family but that’s where the comparisons end. Marijuana contains much higher quantities of the psychoactive compound THC. CBD contains no THC and won’t get you high.

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Little Rick CBD drinks will lift you up

If you are suffering with anxiety lately and lack of sleep due to what is happening in the world right now due to Covid 19 or other issues within your life then Little Rick drinks which contain CBD which can relieve you of your stresses.

Lately CBD drinks have been increasing in both popularity and availability as cannabis products and marijuana has become legalized in states across the country. Plus more and more health-conscious Americans are ditching sodas for CBD beverages as they are great for wellness and anti-inflammatory.

I was gifted courtesy of Little Rick their range of CBD drinks to enjoy in the comfort of my own home in which it released my inner beast but a more chilled beast as CBD helps relax your body and mind.

Little Rick

Little Rick are based in Wimbledon and are a cannabis company who specialise in creating uniquely relaxing & uplifting sparkling beverages which are plant based, use real fruit juice, rich in CBD, vegan friendly, gluten free, have low calories and are eco-conscious!

CBD is a great health benefit as they are designed to relax you and help with pain, sleep, anxiety, and depression.

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At Lost Boys Pizza sink your fangs into their dark pizzas

Braving the night I ventured on down to Lost Boys Pizzeria in Camden to sink my fangs into the darkest pizza on earth where vampires hang out, with killer drinks and heart pumping music it is no wonder why all who love pizza flock here.  

This time I returned with some of my clutch from Love Pop Ups London on a gifted basis to try out their vegan pizzas in celebration of Veganuary.

Lost Boys Pizza

Lost Boys Pizza are famous for being the world’s only vampire themed pizzeria who serve pizzas made by infusing charcoal within the pizza dough and can be found in the bustling town of Camden.

Owners Alex Fisher and Peter Crozier-Clucas, have previously worked for a number of restaurant brands including Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock Cafe. In June 2018 they decided to open up their own restaurant but one themed around the Lost Boys and classic horror characters.

They opened their first ever themed pizzeria back in June 2018 in Archway and then with their second restaurant in Camden. However sadly the Archway one has now closed down.

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