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Toshiba Microwave ML-EM23P(SS) save time

There are a variety of microwaves on the market but for me personally Toshiba sell some of the smartest looking microwaves which are affordable. What is a microwave good for though you might ask? Well a microwave is like an oven but a lot smaller and faster. Within a microwave you can defrost food, cook a variety of dishes within it, and saves you time.

Microwaves were first introduced as a device to save time. However since then apart from throwing in a microwaveable meal bought from a supermarket microwaves have highly evolved. Now within microwaves you can cook practically anything such as a turkey.

Courtesy of Toshiba I was given a microwave on a gifted basis to show me how microwaves have evolved and how much time you can save.

Toshiba brand

Toshiba was founded back in 1939 in Japan which was a merge of two companies, Shibaura Seisakusho (Shibaura Engineering Works) and Tokyo Denki (Tokyo Electric). Since merging this multinational conglomerate organisation has become one of the worlds leading brands in electrics. They supply a range of diversified products and services which range from power, elevators, escalators, kitchen electronics, home electronics, lighting and so much more. However they are mostly known though for their laptops, other home appliances and medical equipment.

Convenient cooking at home

Microwaves are a great alternate to an oven as they make cooking that much quicker, be it a pre-made microwave meal or to cook a homemade dish. No matter what you cook in a microwave the time it would cook in an oven is highly reduced.

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Sri Spice spice up your dish

Spice up your dish with Sri Spice spices and create healthy curries Sri Lanka style.

I was gifted on a complimentary basis two packs of Sri Spice to enjoy at home courtesy of Sri Spice.

Sri Spice

Thea back in 2007 was living and working in Sri Lanka and fell in love with the food within the country. Feeling great eating healthy curries when she returned to Scotland she realised that Sri Lankan food wasn’t as popular here in the UK as Indian food is. This shocked her as she feels that the taste of Sri Lankan food is so much more delicious and healthier.

Spending many years in the kitchen she perfected it in her home by making and hand roasting spices to bring the taste of Sri Lanka to the UK.

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Looking for a fun cookery class?

Some of us from Love Pop Ups London had the privilege of attending the below. Click on the links to read the write ups:

Food Cooking Kits

Do you love cooking then you’ll love all of these edible DIY cooking kits from cakes to brownies. Click on the links below to read mine or get links to other community members reviews.

Some of these items can be bought directly from the supplier or via my shop on Amazon (affiliated links).


I love cooking and getting creative so from time to time with some products I receive from companies I get a little creative and make dishes from starters to desserts with them.

Check out all my recipes via my pages on:

Plus checkout my cook book on Meal Prep King which helps save time and loose weight thanks to their easy to prepare recipes.

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