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Bare Paws Yoga exercise, cuddles and fun

Do you love dogs? Do you love yoga? Then you’ll love Bare Paws Yoga in which you can play with puppies and get fit all at the same time, well that is if the puppies let you!

Yoga is good for your bones, mind and soul but also interacting with puppies is a great way to destress as well as great mental stimulation for the young pups themselves, as it can also improve their health and wellness too. Regular exposure with us humans, helps puppies grow up to become very sociable animals.

I went along to Bare Paws Yoga on a courtesy basis from Helen the owner as to show me how fun yoga can be with puppies and it truly was so much fun.

Bare Paws Yoga

Helen is the founder of Bare Paws Yoga and works alongside her business partner Serena they hold a number of classes across London where you can learn yoga by either of tham all whilst being surrounded by puppies. Puppy yoga simply is yoga with puppies.

Helen is a passionate Yoga Teacher and has advanced training specialising in Hatha and Ashtanga principles. She also loves to helping others improve their mental, physical and spiritual well-being and commit to fulfilling their long-term health and fitness goals.

Yoga with puppies is great for

• Attaining balance and harmony. • Promotes self healing. • Removes negative blocks. • Removes toxins. • Enhances personal growth and power. • Reduces stress. • Helps the nervous system. • Weight loss. • Relaxation. • Releases endorphins.

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