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Fighting for life not for the crown within London Escaped White Walker room

Winter has come and White Walkers are on their way. I was invited down along with some other community members of Love Pop Ups London to help stop the take over of White Walkers.

This game was designed on the ever so popular TV series Game of Thrones but it does not matter if you have never watched Game of Thrones which is a relief as I have never watched an episode.

London Escaped

London Escaped provides fans of escape rooms very atmospheric games filled with technology.

At present they have six games Prisoner, Da Vinci, Vampire Slayer, School of Magic, White Walker and Wizards Cup with a new one on the way.

Like all other escape rooms the mission is to hunt for items, find clues, solve puzzles and to escape within 60 minutes.

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Dinner is Coming – The throne will be mine

I, my Lord Steve and Ladies Charlotte and Ana of Love Pop Ups London we were cordially invited Dinner is Coming at The Vaults in Waterloo, London. We were there to join in the wedding festivities of King Jaffery Bearathon to whom he was marrying Margarine of Trywell.

Dinner is Coming

Dinner is Coming is an immersive dining supper club based on the ever so popular TV series Game of Thrones.

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