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BUCKBUCK GAMES The Lords Apprentice your HIRED

Have you a wacky business idea which is rolling around in your head? yes then how about facing Lord Apprentice to see if he thinks you are worthy of hiring or firing!

Just like the popular television show The Apprentice BUCKBUCK GAMES gives people a fun quirky alternative in to present your wacky idea be it PPE masks to protect an elephant or a finger for a nose to make selfies easier, no matter how bizarre your idea is Lord Apprentice wants to hear it! Question is will you get hired or fired? with just one spot to be the Lords Apprentice for just ONE night will you be up for the challenge? Question is will you get HIRED or FIRED?


BUCKBUCK GAMES have been designing and running unique immersive experiences since 2014. Their story writers, actors, puzzle designers, model makers and art directors all work towards one goal and that is fun.

During the pandemic they are hosting numerous games which can be played online with friends and strangers.

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Mac & Wild a marriage of beef and venison

I love burgers! but never had one quite like Mac & Wild’s flavoursome game burger which is a marriage of beef and venison. It is big, powerful, juicy and ever so tasty.

Courtesy of Mac & Wild I was kindly gifted their DIY Venimoo Burger kit to try at home and wow what a burger, nothing to grunt about as this burger was moolicious.

Mac & Wild

Brother Calum & Andy are Scottish and come from a family of butchers. Food loving and passionate about Scottish food they wanted to bring a piece of Scotland to everyone’s plate at their restaurants and to peoples homes.

Their journey started back in 2006 when Calum opened up his first bar and Andy in 2011 with his street food providing Londoners a taste of game from Scotland. Within a year Andy won food trader and young British foodie street trader of the year.

2014 the brothers united over their passion of their homeland Scotland and popped up with Wild Game Co. within Charlotte Street in London. With the success of their pop up restaurant doing well Mac & Wild was born 2015 opening their first restaurant on Great Titchfield Street, then a year later another in Devonshire Square which is a much larger site, bringing game and whisky galore to the city of London.

All their meat is sourced from the Highlands, which traditional farming practices have been preserved. No industrialised animal practices as the animals are reared the right way on open pastures, with natural feed and without the use of any chemical nasties. 

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Shot in the Dark ultimate unorthodox quiz

Have you ever wondered bizarre things? such as how many people are in prison in the world or how old was the oldest person to have ever lived? Then wonder no more as Shot in the Dark which is an ultimate unorthodox quiz provides answers to many bizarre wacky questions.

I was gifted a pack on a complimentary basis from Shot in the Dark to enjoy with friends and family.

Shot in the Dark

Shot in the Dark is co-founded by Grant & Jordanna.

Grant is an accountant by day and a board game and quiz fanatic by night. He was the one in charge of finding interesting questions to add to Shot in the Dark.

Jordanna is the one in who is in charge of sales, marketing and social media.

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Powering on through The Adventure is Real “Upon approaching the dark caves….”

Adventure into another world and escape yourself and become a different character for the night be it a powerful wizard, a fighter or even perhaps a strong Barbarian you will gain within yourself confidence and your fanatical character strength and power. Question is will you be a wand-wielding wizard, or perhaps a righteous cleric? or even become the daring hero you always imagined within The Adventure is Real?

I and a few other members of Love Pop Ups London we took our minds on an adventure through a dangerous cave meeting mystical characters and dangerous obstacles before being confronted by a very evil character.

The Adventure is Real

The Adventure Is Real it’s a combination of role play, a board game and immersive theatre rolled into one.

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Spreading the pâté love – Wild and Game

The other day courtesy of Wild and Game they sent me some pâté to taste and blog about so I was game in trying them out.

Wild and Game

Firstly though let me tell you a bit more about the company Wild and Game.

Wild and Game is a non-profit organisation in  Bristol which was set up back in 2017 by Steven Frampton and Michael Cannon.  Their products are available from the company’s website via retail or wholesale, with the company aiming to supply pubs, restaurants, small shops and the general public. Continue reading

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