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With Birchall Tea it’s always tea time

Every day we wake up and the first beverage on my mind in the morning is a nice cup of tea. Thanks to Birchall Tea my mornings have been revitalised as they sell 14 quality different award winning teas from white tea, black tea, green tea, herbal, and chai tea.

What is tea though? well it is an aromatic beverage which is commonly prepared by pouring hot water over tea leaves or a tea bag with tea leaves. There are many different types of tea from herbal teas giving a fruity taste to a classic English Breakfast tea which has a full-bodied and robust taste with a slightly sweet note. Apart from tea being a refreshing beverage to enjoy first thing in the morning or during anytime of the day did you know that teas which contain caffeine has a stimulating effect? When it reaches your brain, the most noticeable effect is alertness. You will feel more awake and less tired. Plus tea is a common ingredient used in most medications to treat or manage drowsiness, headaches, and migraines.

Thanks to Birchall Tea I was kindly gifted all 14 of their award winning teas to try at home from herbal tea to old classics such as English Breakfast tea and Earl Grey.

Birchall Tea

Birchall is a family owned British tea company which is based in London and has been trading since 1872 ever since Captain Birchall Graham first planted a tea tree in India. Why India? as Graham was posted there as an officer with the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment where he served for a number of years. Fond of his time spent in India after his time in service he joined with his brother Robert in India and they cleverly used their savings to make a living by planting tea in Darjeeling. The seeds of a tea dynasty were planted and subsequently Birchall Graham continued in the tea trade, successfully developing the business and acquiring the knowledge and expertise to create the finest teas in the world.

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