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Azaline Vermouth uses botanicals from the ancient Silk Road

The secret of happiness is variety, but the secret of variety, like the secret of all spices, is knowing when to use it and Azaline Vermouth certainly knew how. Azaline Vermouth is married with a variety of spices taking your taste buds on a journey of sweet, spice delights from the ancient Silk Road.

I was given on a courtesy basis a PR sample of Azaline Vermouth to try at home and wow I was highly impressed.

Azaline Vermouth

Within France since 1874 Gabriel Boudier, and his family have been making premium vermouth using botanicals from the ancient Silk Road, including saffron from Persia which is worth more in weight than gold.

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Roots Soda Company popping with vegetables, fruits and herbs

Have you ever had a soda which is healthy and packed with bursting hits of vegetables, fruit and herbs? No? then look no further as Roots Soda Company provides just that as their sodas are crammed with mother natures best.

Did you know that the World Health Organisation recommends adults have no more than 25g of free sugars a day?. But fear not as with Roots Sodas they are healthier than most sodas as their drinks contain 49-69% less resulting in a healthy soda.

I was gifted a selection of sodas on a PR sample to taste at home.

Roots Soda Company

Roots Soda Company popped up in Granton, Edinburgh back in 2012 by founder Mark Pool who wanted to bring to the world healthier sodas free from free sugar.

All of their sodas are combined with a variety of vegetables, fruit and herbs creating unique flavours such as beetroot, pink grapefruit, and rose, because they are all about being inventive.

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