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Casa Tua Italian gem in Kings Cross

Casa Tua brings authentic homemade traditional Italian food to London with their friendly environment within Kings Cross and I was invited on a complimentary basis along with some other members of Love Pop Ups London to taste a variety of their favourite dishes.

Casa Tua

Casa Tua popped up in Camden August 2013 bringing authentic Italian to Londoners giving a homely feel.

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Kneading to make pasta – Pasta n Play

Have you always wanted to know how to make pasta? well with Pasta n Play Vicky makes it easy with her simple step by step instructions.

Pasta n Play

Pasta n Play is run by Vicky who is an Italian cookery tutor who wants to spread her passion of good and healthy food to Londoners.

She came to London over 6 years ago and set up Pasta n Play as she loves to cook and teach others.

Her passion for cooking started more than 30 years ago when she used to watch her grandmother prepare food for her family. When she helped out her grandmother she loved to mess around with the flour and playing with the dough.

She will never forget how much fun it was, as that was one of her most beautiful times of her life! Now she wants to teach kids and adults that making homemade food from scratch is a very enjoyable activity.

“I enjoy it so much.  It is so creative and fun and it fits so well around my family.  I am finally doing the job of my dreams.”


At Pasta n Play you’ll find a warm welcome even if you don’t know how to fry an egg. 

All her classes are suitable for kids and adults and a great way to socialise, have fun and learn how to make pasta. 

Pasta masterclass with Pasta n Play

I was invited on a complimentary basis by Vicky to attend one of her classes which I chose to learn about how to make tortellini from scratch. 

Her classes are held in a lovely hall situated in 36A Courthope Road in Camden, London.  Upon entering we found the ingredients all laid out and ready to be used over several tables.

Pasta n Play me

The class starts with Vicky sharing some fun facts about the history of pasta. Then she explained where the ingredients come from, what kind of ingredients are used, where to buy the best ingredients in the future and why to use those specific ingredients.

Pasta n Play Farm Direct

Vicky then demonstrates how to make dough before making it yourself.  She will guide you through the process step-by-step, including mixing and kneading, before showing how to make the perfect tortellini.  

Pasta n Play class

Time to make pasta

Pasta n Play flour

Firstly flour and eggs (water for vegans)

Pasta n Play flour and egg

Make a well within the flour and crack the egg into it then dip your finger into the egg and mix bringing the flour to the centre to combined together.

Pasta n Play Vicky and me

Then was time for the kneading.

Pasta n Play dough

Wrap in clingfilm once kneaded after 15 minutes.

Pasta n Play dough machine making

When ready take about half of the dough and flatten and place through the pasta machine starting from the highest number reducing to lower number settings each time put through the pasta machine which eventually will lead you to having a very long thin strip of pasta. 

Pasta n Play dough machine

Once done you then can cut with the pasta cutters to form squares of pasta to dollop the filling into.

Pasta n Play pasta cut

  Vicky provided us with a meat mix and a optional vegan bean mix.

Pasta n Play filling

Folding over one corner to another I made a triangle and then twisted the long edge round my finger making sure each corner met each corner then pressing together.  Fantisco. 

Pasta n Play tortellini

I now have a tortellini.

Pasta n Play tortellini mine

Sweat eat play repeat with the other half of dough.  Once all done Vicky and her co-partner gathered everyones pasta together and cooked it within a big pot of boiling water.

Pasta n Play tortellini
Pasta n Play cooking

After just a few minutes it was cooked.

The tortellini was then stirred into a buttery sage sauce. 

Pasta n Play cooking Vicky

It tasted really good.  However as everyone’s pasta had all been put into one pot some peoples pasta was thicker than others or much larger so the textures were not the same. Personally I would of preferred if all our pasta was not cooked together in a big pot and perhaps each individual tables was cooked in a pot each however I do understand that this would not be possible or logical considering the pasta is cooked in a large pot on a two piece plug in hot plate.   

Pasta n Play cooking me and Vicky

It really is surprising though how much fresh pasta is so much better than pre-bought dried pasta which you can buy in shops.  Vicky really does show it can easily be done from scratch at home and how it does not take that long to make and cook. You can also take some of your uncooked pasta home with you if you like to cook at home to eat if you wished to.

Watch me make pasta 



Even though I loved this class and Vicky really did show me and others how easy it is to make pasta with a spin of our finger, kneading, rolling, cutting and pressing I feel that the price which is charged for her adult pasta making classes are perhaps on the expensive side.  However in regards to the price I do understand that it is to cover her time, over head costs of the hire of the hall and ingredients. 

Also you only get to learn one type of pasta.  I would of loved to of learnt how to make more than one type and the opportunity to make and learn about different fillings rather than been given one which had already been prepared and cooked by Vicky. 

However saying that I would though still recommend this class as Vicky made it easy to learn how to make pasta and with her lovely personality she made the evening really fun.  Also her pasta making class is a great way to socialise and meet others who have a passion for cooking and wanting to learn how to make pasta so a great way to mingle and make potential new friends.

Book with Pasta n Play 

Vicky’s upcoming pasta classes for next year are as follows:

16th February 2019: 3 – 5.30pm – Make Spaghetti alla chitarra in Hampstead

17th March 2019: 3 – 5.30pm – Make Rainbow Tagliatelle in Hampstead

25th March 2019: 6.30pm – 9pm – Make Rainbow Tagliatelle in Covent Garden, at Tea & Crafting

13th April 2019: 3 – 5.30pm – Make Colourful farfalle (bowtie) in Hampstead

12th May 2019: 3 – 5.30pm – Make Green Lasagne in Hampstead

26th June 2019: 6.30pm – 9pm – Make Polka dots Tortelli in Covent Garden, at Tea & Crafting

Plus Vicky has other classes from pizza to bread making.

Click here to discover more and book a class with Vicky.


Thanks to Pasta n Play for inviting me down to learn how to make past. The evening was complimentary to me but all views are of my own honest opinion.

Authentic Italian food – Venerdi

So much amazing authentic food at Venerdi restaurant.  I had the pleasure of going along on a complimentary experience with some other community members of Love Pop Ups London to taste the amazing food they have on offer. Continue reading

Quick, simple and delicious – Pasta Evangelists

Who would of thought that you could get fresh pasta delivered to your door whilst at work.  Well with Pasta Evangelists you can as it comes in a narrow insulated recyclable box which can be posted through your letterbox.

Pasta Evangelists can provide you everything for a great restaurant quality meal.  Within the chilled box you’ll be provided with all the ingredients you need to make a great nourishing meal from your pasta, sauce to the garnishes along with a step-by-step cooking instruction guide. The dishes with Pasta Evangelists changes weekly on-line and includes a mix of meat and vegetarian options. This is truly perfect if you love pasta and don’t fancy going out but want restaurant quality food.  So quick, simple and delicious.  Continue reading

Gino, Gino, Gino! – WeFiFo: Gino D’Acampo event

Gino held a special event along with WeFiFo the other day and it was FANTASTICO!

Many of the other community members of ‘Love Pop Ups – London’ have had the pleasure to attend many of WeFiFo’s various supperclubs in the past courtesy of me and them (read their blogs/vlogs via clicking here) but this time it was my turn. I paid for my experience though as when I saw Gino’s special event being advertised I immediately wanted to secure my spot as I am a massive fan of Gino D’Acampo. However regardless of that any WeFiFo supperclub event is worth every penny as they are all so unique and special.  Continue reading

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