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KOI Artisan kitchen knives

A kitchen knife is a chefs best friend no matter how skilled or not your are, helping to slice and dice meat, seafood and vegetables that much easier. However did you know that using the correct type of knife be it a chefs knife, cleaver or perhaps a bread knife makes food preparation easier? Even though the knives can cut any ingredient certain ones though notably work better for certain produce.

Courtesy of KOI Artisan I was gifted a bread knife, a classic three piece knife box with a knife finger guard and a garlic crusher to show me that the right tools makes prepping food easier but also that a sharp knife is very important.

KOI Artisan

Established in 2016 within Wiltshire, this family run company brings a range of Japanese blades which are high in quality and stylish. KOI Artisan sources all their materials in the blade from suppliers in Japan, from there they export to China where the handles are assembled and the boxes are constructed. Each knife is handmade ensuring the highest quality and workmanship resulting the perfect blade. All their knives are recommended by many great chefs known worldwide for their excellence.

KOI Artisan knives are designed for amateurs and professional alike. Offering high end quality kitchen knives which are at affordable prices allowing everyone the opportunity to excel in the kitchen.

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Eco-Flow saves money and water

When ever you wash up do you seem to get the sides wet and yourself more than the actual dishes?

Well thanks to Eco-Flow washing has become a splash free zone. Eco-Flow taps have been designed in such a way that it prevents water splashing everywhere. Plus the beauty about the Eco-Flow tap is that there is no need for installation by a plumber, it can rotate 360° at a 60° angle and has two multi function flows of shower and aerated.

Thanks to Eco-Flow I was given a tap to fix on my tap at home to test and it is the best working gadget I have ever had. I honestly don’t know where I would be without it. No more damp work surfaces and mini showers.


Eco-Flow tap adaptor saves money and water.

Founders Brothers, Mark and Paul who live within Avon have always been concerned about the amount of water we use. Knowing that we can all make a difference by using less water in our homes they came up with the Eco-Flow tap adapter which saves water, and money and can easily be fitted in every household. The Eco-Flow helps with climate change and water poverty.

The Eco-Flow tap is made from a high quality Italian design adapter which can easily be fitted to any kitchen tap with the ease via easy instructions and handy adaptors. No plumbers or tools required.

The Eco-Flow tap adapter regulates water flow whilst maintaining effective performance. Water is aerated to stop unwanted splashes, even in a shallow sink.

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A&S Home & Kitchen make your home sweet home stylish

With us all being at home lately enjoying our home sweet home comforts thanks to A&S Home & Kitchen you can make it that extra stylish with their luxury quality products great for the bathroom to the kitchen.

They sell a wide range of products from cookery utensils to fairy lights to brighten up your house and I chose to buy this classy automatic hand sanitizer dispenser.

Why a dispenser? as at this present time it is very important for us to all keep washing our hands to prevent the spread of Covid 19 and other germs.

A&S Home & Kitchen

A&S Home & Kitchen sell a range of products and brands which are built to change lives.

All their products are stylish, handy and high in quality all which are useful and makes your home classier.

A&S Home & Kitchen pimped up my bathroom

Say goodbye to soap and hello to A&S Home & Kitchen sanitizer dispenser. With washing hands becoming even more important during this pandemic of Covid 19 bling up your bathroom or kitchen with A&S Home & Kitchen luxury and quality hand sanitizer dispenser.

Why is it though important to wash your hands even more regularly than often? Well with Covid 19 hitting the world it has become more important as to help stop the spread of the deadly disease.

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The Kitchen at Hilton London Tower Bridge Christmas preview

Christmas is less than two months away and everyone has started to get into the festive mood and planning where they would like to celebrate with friends, family and colleagues so grab the reins of your sleigh and fly on down to The Kitchen at Hilton London Tower Bridge as you’ll be jingling and jangling all night.

I was invited down The Kitchen which has only recently newly opened within Hilton London Tower Bridge to preview and give our verdicts of their upcoming Christmas menu which is designed for parties of 30 or more.

Hilton London Tower Bridge

Set against the backdrop of one of the capital’s most renowned historical landmarks, Hilton London Tower Bridge is on the doorstep of the city’s financial and shopping districts.

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