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KOI Artisan kitchen knives

A kitchen knife is a chefs best friend no matter how skilled or not your are, helping to slice and dice meat, seafood and vegetables that much easier. However did you know that using the correct type of knife be it a chefs knife, cleaver or perhaps a bread knife makes food preparation easier? Even though the knives can cut any ingredient certain ones though notably work better for certain produce.

Courtesy of KOI Artisan I was gifted a chefs knife and a bread knife along with a knife guard to try at home to show me that not only does a certain type of knife makes prepping easier but also a sharp knife is as equally as important.

KOI Artisan

Established in 2016 within Wiltshire, this family run company brings a range of Japanese blades which are high in quality and stylish. KOI Artisan sources all their materials in the blade from suppliers in Japan, from there they export to China where the handles are assembled and the boxes are constructed. Each knife is handmade ensuring the highest quality and workmanship resulting the perfect blade. All their knives are recommended by many great chefs known worldwide for their excellence.

KOI Artisan knives are designed for amateurs and professional alike. Offering high end quality kitchen knives which are at affordable prices allowing everyone the opportunity to excel in the kitchen.

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Wulff Den Deli makes slicing and dicing easy

During lockdown and with many restaurants closed I have been cooking more often at home, but who knew knives make a big difference to when it comes to slicing and dicing in the kitchen as I discovered.

I have many knives at home and to be fair they are your usual cheap run of the mill knives and most are over a decade old so they are quite blunt but I never thought that having decent sharp knives would really make a difference and how wrong was I.

I was gifted on a courtesy basis thanks to Wulff Den Deli a set of their Bleddyn knife range to show me that professional knives are very important to have and use. Each made slicing and dicing that much easier from cutting meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and cheese.

Wulff Den Deli

Founded 2019 Wulff Den Deli forge quality, stylish knives making preparing food that much easier.

Knives are the essential tools in the kitchen and their mission is to unlock peoples confidence using high quality properly sharpened knives.

They sell an exquisite selection of high end Japanese knives but what makes their knives that extra special is that each blade is immaculately sharpened by hand to perfection within their forge.

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