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WeJam 60 minutes of becoming a rock star

Have you ever wanted to be part of a rock band but just not been good enough to well at WeJam you can live out your dream. You can become your very own unique band for 60 minutes with your friends as you grab those drum sticks and bash away at the drums, tingle the keys on a keyboard, or even play a keytar to some rocking tunes.

At WeJam it does not matter if you can play or not as the host of WeJam makes playing any musical instrument easy with the handy tablet that is given to you and guidance from him. All you have to do is hit the notes in the right time to make some music and become the ultimate rock band.

I was invited down courtesy of David Tshulak the owner of WeJam to show me and my friends playing a musical instrument is easier than you think.


WeJam was set up back in 2020 by founder David Tshulak.

WeJam is the world’s first and only immersive rock star experience. It’s a tech-enabled group activity that takes place in a music studio, letting you start your own band, even if you’ve never picked up an instrument before.

David loves music and has a music degree but when he was very young he wanted to be part of a rock group but lacked musical talent so he went on to learn music.

“I started playing saxophone at school and by 16 I was attending late night jam sessions in London, playing with top session musicians who were on tour with Prince, Stevie Wonder and other huge stars. I know the excitement of getting in a room with friends and making music together. I wanted to share that with other people especially people who haven’t learnt to play an instrument.”


David simply wants to show all how easy it is to play musical instruments and how fun it could be being a rock band without the pressures of fame and stardom of what most musicians face.

Using high tech technology, tablets and musical instruments hosts at WeJam can help you play musical instruments and become a rock band with your friends for 60 minutes.

WeJam simply is cross between Guitar Hero and karaoke and by the end of it, you would have learnt how to perform to several of your favourite songs.

Being passionate about music 10% from every booking is donated to Be the Band, a not-for-profit that provides music workshops to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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Art Play London where you can learn a new skill

Art Play London hosts a number of different fun classes for children and adults where you can learn a new skill.

What is crafting though? Well it is a hobby on anything which you can create using your hands be it painting, decorating a cake, making greeting cards, making jewellery and so much more.  

Crafts is great as it is very therapeutic. Helps with your mind, body and soul. It has been said that creating things with your own hands leaves you happier, gets your body moving, helps you relax and helps clears your mind.

Art Play kindly invited me to attend one of their classes in which I chose to go along to one of their Terrarium masterclasses as I love plants and gardening but never made a Terrarium before.

What type of crafts do you enjoy the most?

Art Play London

Art Play London was founded by Silva Castellani in 2018, which initially started out as a pop-up event around London. In February 2022 she set up a permanent venue which is based in Shoreditch

At Art Play London you choose from an array of creative workshops which are set up for children and adults. Within any masterclass you will be able to learn a new skill, as well as have fun, all whilst making new friends.

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Jaques London learning made fun via play

Toys are always a must for children, as they do not just keep them entertained but toys are also a great way for kick starting them learning. Jaques London provide a great range of Montessori games and toys ideal for children from 2 year olds and up.

The beauty about Jaques London games and toys though are that not only do they sell a great range of fun and Montessori products most of their products are made using wood which to me is very nostalgic and certainly more special than plastic. Not only that wood is much better for the environment than plastic.

Did you know that wooden toys were first introduced back in the 1700s by a toymaker in Germany. At that time, wooden toys were often handmade for very special occasions, but it soon started to become popular across Europe in which then dolls and animals were started to be handmade from wood.

Montessori products are great for providing education for young children helping them develop natural interests and activities rather than use formal teaching methods. Montessori toys was developed by physician Maria Montessori. Maria was an Italian physician and educator best known for the philosophy of education, and her writing on scientific pedagogy.

I was kindly gifted a few of their products for my nephew who is only 2 and a half and he absolutely loved them. He was not even interested in the box after unwrapping unlike most kids, he just wanted to play with the items.

Jaques London

Jaques London have been going for 8 generations producing toy and games to families since 1795 which was founded by Thomas Jaques, whom was a farmer’s son of a French Huguenot descent.

He was a manufacturer in ivory, hardwoods, bone and Tunbridge Ware.

When John Jaques, his great grandson took over the company it started to gain a great reputation for games and this is how Jaques London begun.

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What lies beneath – Sea Creatures

Sea Creatures has swam into London this August and will be here until 30 September 2018.

It is an interactive and immersive exhibition that will take guests on a journey deep into some of the ocean’s most iconic marine species.

Sea Creatures

Sea Creatures the exhibition

Firstly though before I tell you about my deep sea discoveries let me tell you a bit more about how they have brought this exhibition to life. Continue reading

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