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CLIJE adds value to your drinks

If you are looking for a mixer which can either be enjoyed by itself without adding anything or mixing it up with your favourite tipple or soda water then CLIJE is the drink for you.

I was gifted a few bottles by CLIJE on a complimentary basis to try at home and I was impressed by it’s fruitiness and fizziness.


CLIJÉ is an adjective that means ‘something you use to add value to other things’. Their passion for enhancing  experiences through tailor-made fusions is their personal definition for the word as they contribute and compliment your lifestyle. 

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KitchenAid – Making History 100 Pop Up

KitchenAid held a celebration pop up event on 7 May celebrating once-in-a-century.

As I am a keen amateur chef and love experimenting as well as following those step by step instructions from cook books I was highly delighted when I received a special invite from KitchenAid to celebrate with them. 

I must admit I am grateful that I was born in an era where there are so many kitchen appliances to be had to aid any budding cook like myself to whip up cream or even beat an egg. 

The pop up event was held within Canary Wharf in the East Winter Gardens building in which KitchenAid celebrated their 100 years. I and other invitees were taken on a historical journey through the ages of KitchenAid.

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