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Anni Edwards candles in a cocktail shaker

We all love a fancy cocktail from time to time but you know what I love about cocktails the most is the smell. Pina Colada from pineapple to coconut and Mojito full of aromas of mint and lemon. Now you can enjoy the smells of these and many other cocktails within the comfort of your home without intaking alcohol thanks to Anni Edwards scented candles which come in a cocktail shaker, so once your candle has burnt you can always clean out the shaker and make your favourite cocktail.

Courtesy of Anni Edwards she gifted me one of her sweet smelling cocktail candles to burn and enjoy at home.

Anni Edwards

Anni Edwards loves candles and loves cocktails and wanted to bring the fragrances to our homes without the need to drink.

Located in the Surrey Hills Anni Edwards brings to the world her hand-poured luxury Mixologist Cocktail Candles which she makes in small batches, ensuring each one meets high standards.

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Domaine Du Grand Mayne you had me at Merlot

Wine is an alcoholic drink which is typically made from fermented grapes and courtesy of Domaine du Grand Mayne Merlot Cabernet wine I got to try theirs and their wine did not disappoint resulting in a lush glass of brilliant red wine, aromas of plums and black cherries, and a spicy fruity taste.

Did you know though that wine has been produced for thousands of years with the earliest coming from ancient China back in 7000 BC? Since then wine has become more and more popular with the European wine market encompassing three of the largest wine producing regions. Today, the five countries with the largest wine producing regions are in France, Spain, Italy, USA and China.

Domaine du Grand Mayne

Domaine du Grand Mayne was founded back in 1985 which was an abandoned vineyard with semi derelict buildings, overgrown copses and fields of maize and sunflowers, to the flourishing vineyard and winery that it is today.

Within a few years Domaine du Grand Mayne was totally transformed into a show piece artisan winery and vineyard who now have over 120,000 vines planted over 34 hectares (84 acres) producing an average of around 200,000 bottles a year.

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