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Africology relax, renew and refresh

It is important for us to give ourselves self love from time to time, especially during lockdown due to the pandemic, so the best way to do this is with Africology luxury skincare range. Just sit back, relax and pamper yourself from moisture to bath salts.

Africology and The Food Marketing Experts gave me a few samples on a courtesy basis to pamper myself.


Founder & CEO Renchia Droganis a Metaphysical therapist, healer and innovator informed by years of research, scientific studies and her natural healer’s intuition, has created an authentic spa range comprising of organic, fair trade and ethically-formulated products.

Africology originates from South Africa and has a range of luxury skincare and lifestyle products. They have successfully captured the intelligence of nature in order to create a range of beautiful, non-toxic products containing natural ingredients such as Aloe, Rooibos, Marula and African potato. All of which are hand made, organic, natural, cruelty free, and vegan friendly.

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Mr Hugh’s Rapeseed oil is tasty, versatile and 100% British

I love cooking but when I cook I tend to stick with just using oils with no flavouring.

When I use Rapeseed Oil I tend to use Mr Hugh’s Original Rapeseed Oil as it is my favourite. However I never knew that they done other flavoured oils in which I recently discovered.

As to sample their delicious oils I was kindly gifted a batch of their flavoured oils to use at home.

Mr Hugh’s

The Mason family, have farmed in Norfolk for over 200 years, Hugh grew up in Fincham, the farm’s local village and began working at Hall Farm at the age of 20.

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