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Let’s get snap happy in water – FujiFilm Camera ‘FinePix XP120’

I have never owned a waterproof camera or a FujiFilm camera so this was a challenge and a first for me.  I was thrilled when I was loaned one of their waterproof cameras the FinePix XP120 to test. Why did I get one to test? well that is because I needed a waterproof camera for several events that I was holding for bloggers from the community of Love Pop Ups – London as both are water based events (HotTug UK and Thames Rocket).  So I thought with me a blogger and others what a great way for us to try out and Continue reading

Ice-cream galore – Bompas and Parr: My Extraordinary Life

Bompas and Parr had a pop up event which happened at Noho Studios in London on the Friday 19 May which they called My Extraordinary Life. The reason they put on this event as it was their mission that day to find the greatest ice cream photographer.


I went downstairs when it was my time slot and entered in a room full of different colour pastels in every corner with many different objects to use to display my icecream from a mound of icecream (plastic) to a vase. At the event you could slurp and indulge in Continue reading