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Dough and Glory pizza made easy

I love freshly made pizza and being able to choose my own toppings when dining at a restaurant but as much as I love dining at a restaurant I do love enjoying pizza at home also. Thanks to Dough & Glory I was gifted a box of their dough to sample at home by giving me the opportunity to recreate at home pizza with toppings I love. All I had to do with each dough ball was defrost, stretch, spread with tomato sauce, sprinkle with mozzarella, top with my favourite toppings and whack in the oven or cook in a frying pan. Within 8 minutes I had a great tasting authentic Italian thin crust pizza.

Dough & Glory

Ben Scarles and Joe Tyler brings an expansive background in the food and services industry and wanted to bring authentic pizza to our homes nationwide which can easily be remade at home with a little stretching and creativity.

Within Millennium Foods, the family run company which started over 20 years ago from an office at home, has grown it’s reputation for quality, service and innovation.

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Japes deep, thick, fluffy, crunchy pizza!

Love thin crust pizza, but not deep pan? Japes will change your mind as their pizzas even though they are thick, they are golden, fluffy, crunchy, flavoursome and has the most stringiest cheese.

I was gifted on a PR basis a complimentary pizza to try, in order to get me to change my mind about deep pan pizza, as I am a lover of thin and wow Japes really has changed my mind.


Japes founded by Aleksandar and Jovana, met when competing in the Canoe Sprint at the 2012 Olympic Games and since that meeting they came up with the idea of selling deep pan pizza. They wanted to bring to London big, bold upbeat dining space full of energy.

The food they sell is all homemade and simple, from deep pan pizzas, burgers, homemade brownies and salads. They also sell signature cocktails on site from alcoholic drinks to hard shakes.

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Share A Slice gets you cooking pizza in a frying pan

Share A Slice is pizza with a difference as with their pizzas you cook it in a frying pan instead of an oven and within a few minutes it’s done.

I was kindly gifted a Pizza At Home Kit courtesy of Share a Slice to create my very own pizza at home in return for an honest review.

Share A Slice

Back in 2018 Share A Slice popped up in Pop Brixton by founders Raj and Sandeep who bring to London traditional Napoleon pizza.

Before hitting London they learned the true art of making authentic Neapolitan Pizza in Naples at Pizzeria La Notizia under the watchful eye of Master Pizzaiolo, Enzo Coccia, where they learnt and developed techniques essential to produce fresh and classic flavours.

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Bellissima UK DIY pizza crust we can trust

Pizza is Italian food porn and one of the top takeaway favourites for practically everyone in the world. However with us being in lock down due to Covid-19 there are not as many restaurants open to dine in or takeaway but fear not pizza lovers as Bellissima has come to the rescue with their DIY Pizza Kit so you can create your perfect pizza at home, with a spread of tomato there and a sprinkle of mozzarella there, and hey presto you will have your very own freshly prepared homemade pizza.

I was gifted a DIY Kit to make my own pizza at home courtesy of Bellissima and it was ever so easy and very fun.

Bellissima UK

Bellissima UK provides an easy Pizza DIY kit which contains all the ingredients to make the perfect freshest Margherita and pizza party within the comfort of your own home.

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At Lost Boys Pizza sink your fangs into their dark pizzas

Braving the night I ventured on down to Lost Boys Pizzeria in Camden to sink my fangs into the darkest pizza on earth where vampires hang out, with killer drinks and heart pumping music it is no wonder why all who love pizza flock here.  

This time I returned with some of my clutch from Love Pop Ups London on a gifted basis to try out their vegan pizzas in celebration of Veganuary.

Lost Boys Pizza

Lost Boys Pizza are famous for being the world’s only vampire themed pizzeria who serve pizzas made by infusing charcoal within the pizza dough and can be found in the bustling town of Camden.

Owners Alex Fisher and Peter Crozier-Clucas, have previously worked for a number of restaurant brands including Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock Cafe. In June 2018 they decided to open up their own restaurant but one themed around the Lost Boys and classic horror characters.

They opened their first ever themed pizzeria back in June 2018 in Archway and then with their second restaurant in Camden. However sadly the Archway one has now closed down.

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Vegan pizza lover heaven – Purezza

I had the pleasure in going along the other day to sample some plant-based vegan food by Purezza and I was highly surprised in how much I loved their vegan food.

Purezza who are they?

Before I tell you about my experience and what I thought of the food let me tell you a bit more about Purezza.

Purezza is one of the very first vegan pizzeria’s to open in the UK.  It opened it’s first in Brighton back in 2015 followed on by the one in Camden in which I visited. Continue reading

When you just want to kayak – Secret Adventures

I have never kayaked before in my life so when I had the opportunity from Secret Adventures to kayak down from Limehouse along with some other bloggers from Love Pop Ups London I leapt like a frog out of water for the experience.

Who are Secret Adventures?

Secret Adventures brings unusual and off the grid adventures to London and beyond.  All their adventures are designed to generate a sense of exploration and wonder. Continue reading

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