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Toshiba Microwave ML-EM23P(SS) save time

There are a variety of microwaves on the market but for me personally Toshiba sell some of the smartest looking microwaves which are affordable. What is a microwave good for though you might ask? Well a microwave is like an oven but a lot smaller and faster. Within a microwave you can defrost food, cook a variety of dishes within it, and saves you time.

Microwaves were first introduced as a device to save time. However since then apart from throwing in a microwaveable meal bought from a supermarket microwaves have highly evolved. Now within microwaves you can cook practically anything such as a turkey.

Courtesy of Toshiba I was given a microwave on a gifted basis to show me how microwaves have evolved and how much time you can save.

Toshiba brand

Toshiba was founded back in 1939 in Japan which was a merge of two companies, Shibaura Seisakusho (Shibaura Engineering Works) and Tokyo Denki (Tokyo Electric). Since merging this multinational conglomerate organisation has become one of the worlds leading brands in electrics. They supply a range of diversified products and services which range from power, elevators, escalators, kitchen electronics, home electronics, lighting and so much more. However they are mostly known though for their laptops, other home appliances and medical equipment.

Convenient cooking at home

Microwaves are a great alternate to an oven as they make cooking that much quicker, be it a pre-made microwave meal or to cook a homemade dish. No matter what you cook in a microwave the time it would cook in an oven is highly reduced.

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The Meal Prep King Plan lose weight, save time and money

Eating the right amount of food goes hand in hand with having a balanced diet. Often, if you’re struggling to lose weight or shift those last few pounds, your portion size could be the reason why and The Meal Prep King Plan is the perfect cookery book to help with that.

Diets for me personally have never worked but thanks to The Meal Prep King Plan I found out that eating the right portions is far better and easier to help lose weight and their dishes left me feeling satisfied and not hungry after. Their dishes are delicious as well as healthy. Plus the beauty about The Meal Prep King Plan is that all their dishes are designed in a way that you can pre cook your meals to help save time during the week. Just cook, prep, store in fridge or freezer and reheat when required.

Thanks to Penguin Random House UK I was gifted The Meal Prep King Plan cookery book to show me that losing weight is easy, it’s just about the right portion sizes and cutting out fatty food.

Penguin Random House UK

Established back on 1 July 2013 Penguin Random House UK came about publishing and selling books around the world.

They have more than 300 editorially and creatively independent imprints and brands comprised of adult, children’s fiction and nonfiction print as well as digital trade book publishing. With 70,000 digital and 15,000 print titles annually, with more than 100,000 eBooks available worldwide it is no wonder that Penguin Random House is one of the biggest publishers in the world.

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