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Chef Niku took us on a culinary journey of his love affair of South Indian food

Indian food is popular all over the world and brings spice and flavour to our taste buds. With Indian food becoming ever more and more popular in the UK the question is do we really know the difference between Indian cuisine from North, East, South and West India?

I was surprised though to learn that South Indian cuisine is lacking in the east market of London and thus Chef Niku wanted to showcase about his love of South India by bringing his stories of his travels and their traditional dishes to our plates to show us that it is not that difficult to cook and reproduce within our homes.

I was lucky enough to be invited down on 26 January on a gifted basis by Chef Niku to dine at his sixth supperclub along with another member of Love Pop Ups London to explore his love and his teams love of South Indian food. Plus as this was India Republic Day what a better way that to enjoy a Sunday eating Indian food.

Chef Niku

Nikitesh Jaiswal is a self-trained chef who loves Indian food.

He grew up in Nagpur, India, but moved to the UK in 2012 to study, and then found work in London few years later.

His passion for food has led him to host a number of events for his friends, birthdays, Diwali parties, barbecues, and supperclubs bringing everyone together and making food the integral centrepiece of every occasion.

At any of Chef Niku supperclubs you’ll enjoy culture, flavours, personalities, music and history, all within an intimate atmosphere.

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