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Kung Fu Mama Taiwan noodles at home

With so many ready to cook noodles within supermarkets it can be difficult to choose especially as most are not that nice to be honest. However Kung Fu Mama has changed my mind as their noodles are unlike any other on the market as their noodles, sauce and dehydrated vegetables have NO artificial colours, NO preservatives, NO palm oil and are suitable for vegetarians.

Treated a complimentary PR sample I could discover for myself how different Kung Fu Mama noodles are and they certainly did not disappoint and made me look at pre packed noodles in a different light.

Kung Fu Mama

Kung Fu Mama launched in 2009 within Taiwan. The principle for the brand was and remains to produce great tasting, high quality and authentic Taiwanese cuisine for people who love food.

Their range includes noodles, sauces and cooking kits and today not only is Kung Fu Mama the leading food brand in Taiwan, it’s taste of Taiwan products are now enjoyed all over the world.

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Port Royal Jamaican patty and spice

Patty and spice is what sums up Port Royal. Port Royal authentic Jamaican patties are full of spice sealed in a golden Kingston flaky crust. Perfect for anytime of the day or even for your lunch box or picnic.

Courtesy of my friends of Dip_and_Sip I was gifted some samples of Port Royal patties to enjoy at home.

Port Royal

Port Royal is a Jamaican family-run business, founded by Kingstonian Edward Johnston, and has been making & selling authentic patties since 2005 giving consumers the most popular Jamaican street food to enjoy at home.

Their patties are developed using traditional recipes using aromatic herbs and spices from Jamaica. Port Royal patties all once cooked gives a golden, flaky pastry crust that crumbles in your mouth. Each patty with each bite will transport you to the markets of Jamaica. 

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